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The city was founded in 1201 by the bishop of Bremen, Albert Buksgewden.
Riga is the capital of Latvia and the largest city in the Baltic States. The historical center of Riga is located near the river Daugava, and the northern regions extend to the Gulf of Riga.

Sights of old Riga

To Riga it is good to run away from weariness, spleen, hassle and gray everyday life. The small and cozy streets of the Old Town give a fabulous mood and the perception that you are really in a very old place.

Riga is divided into two parts by the river Daugava, through which several beautiful bridges are transferred. The old city "dwells" on the right bank, it is quite small and very cozy.

Riga speaks both Latvian and Russian, many speak English well.

Town Hall Square

Town Hall Square, perhaps, is one of the main squares of the capital of Latvia.
It is on this square that there are: the statue of Ronald, the House of the Blackheads and the Town Hall building.

 Riga's Town Hall Square, Riga and Christmas are very fond of Christmas, so the Christmas tree is even in the hands of the statue of Roland
The square itself shows its originality and beauty of its architecture. A traveler should definitely visit this amazing place. In the center are musicians who perform folk tunes. In the 3D cinema you can go on a virtual tour all over Riga.

Or you can just eat ice cream on a bench, enjoying the view of the Blackheads' house and the unforgettable spiers of the cathedrals.

At the corner of the square there are souvenir shops with a huge selection of products made from amber.

Town Hall Square - the history, address and coordinates of the GPS ....

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Church of St. Peter

St. Peter's Church is not only one of the main attractions of the Latvian capital, but also a unique symbol of Riga.

The most, probably, remarkable place in Riga - a viewing platform under a dome of church of Sacred Peter. The people here are always a lot, but it does not seriously hinder.

 St. Peter's Church - Riga, Latvia
And the views of the evening Riga from the viewing platform are simply stunning. In the cathedral is excellent acoustics, there are various concerts. In this church there is a tremendous spirit - there is a very strong energy place.

The first mention of this temple goes back to the depths of the centuries, namely at the beginning of the XII century. The church tower was 124 meters high, half of which is a spire. Basically it is this spire that the church is famous for. At an altitude of 57 meters is the first observation deck, and at an altitude of 71 meters - the second, they bring tourists to the elevator. From these observation platforms, an amazing panorama opens not only to the old Riga, but also to the entire city.

This temple is a state architectural monument, church services are held here, exhibitions are organized and concerts are organized.

St. Peter's Church - history, location, ticket prices more ...

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The Dome Cathedral

The Dome Cathedral is located in the central part of Old Riga, and to the Dome Square, located next to it, many narrow streets of the old city are flowing, in the summer there are opened street cafes and various events are held.

 Dome Cathedral (evening view) - Riga, Latvia
The architectural ensemble includes not only the majestic cathedral, where the organ sounds and services are held, but also the monastery, where the museum is now located - the History of Riga, which is perhaps the most interesting museum of the Latvian capital.

In the same building you can visit the Museum of Navigation. The inner courtyard of the cathedral looks like an open vaulted gallery.

Dome Cathedral - history, useful information ...

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House of the Blackheads

A tourist traveling around Riga should definitely look at the famous 14th century architectural monument - the House of Blackheads. This monument is located in the heart of the Latvian capital.

 House of Blackheads in the evening, Riga, Latvia
For several centuries this house was rebuilt several times, but during the Second World War it was almost completely destroyed and only in modern times this castle was successfully reconstructed.

House of Blackheads - details of the history of the monument, useful information ...

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Three brothers

Being in the area of ​​the old Riga and walking along Malaya Zamkova Street, the traveler should pay attention to houses with rooms 17, 19 and 21, these buildings are a rather interesting architectural complex called "Three Brothers", in analogy with the "Three Sisters" that in Tallinn.

Sights of Riga, what to see, where to go?
These structures, standing tight against each other, are an excellent example of urban development of the Middle Ages. It is this kind of development that is typical for the bulk of European cities. This ensemble is also interesting because houses in it are built at different times, and therefore the presence of different architectural styles - Dutch Mannerism, Baroque, Renaissance and Gothic is noticeable.

Three brothers - the history of the monument ...

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Big and Small Guilds


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