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Hello, dear guests!

I was born in resplendent St. Petersburg, and grew up in wonderful Riga.
After graduating from a technical college, I tried many professions, until finally, having received an appropriate education, I became a certified guide.

I'd like to tell you about my beloved city and show it from the most interesting side. Walking through the Old Riga, you will plunge into the Middle Ages, I will walk you through the narrow streets that remember the German, Swedish and Russian times. Riga is simply fascinating with its versatility, baffles historians, archaeologists and architects, makes you think about the sharp turns of fate.

But we wouldn’t get into any corners of Riga, you will be comfortable in this cozy, sweet and hospitable city on Dvina. This is a very harmonious city with a rare sense of peace and quiet joy. In Riga, you can not drive excursions at the pace of the march, walking here, waltzing and circling.

I organize individual and group excursions in Latvia, answer all your questions regarding your holiday in our country.

Welcome to the beautiful Riga!

My contact details:

Latvia, Riga - Alexandra Neylande

tel. +371 28816625


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I am an indigenous rizhanka and I love my beautiful city very much.

I have a higher education, in Moscow I graduated from the Institute of Textile and Light Industry, and in Riga, the Latvian State University (Faculty of Economics).

At the Academy of Culture I studied Scandinavian languages ​​(Norwegian, Swedish), I speak German.

She worked in a travel company for six years.

I organize individual and group tours not only in Latvia, but also in Lithuania and Estonia, and also provide transfer services which include (meeting of customers at the airport, railway station or port). Transfer is offered for both large groups of up to 40 people and individual.

If you wish, we will meet you at the airport, train station or bus station and transfer you to the hotel, as well as provide transportation services if you wish (transfer, possibly accompanied by a guide).

I offer you all kinds of thematic tours of the city of Riga: evening and night, as well as excursions to interesting historical districts of Riga - Moscow suburb, Sarkandaugava - "Red Dvina", Mezhapark - "Forest Park", Soviet Riga.

Traveling in Latvia: Kuldīga, Sabile, Cēsis, Jelgava, Ventspils ...

We offer trips on a comfortable bus with a guide to Vilnius, Tallinn ...

Orders for the tour are negotiated by e-mail or by the specified phone numbers.

I work without intermediaries, which favorably affects the cost of the tour!


  • Meeting point - the lobby of your hotel

  • Payment is made to the guide on site

  • Guided tour price - negotiable


My contact details:

Latvia, Riga - Tatiana Berga

mobile phone +371 29704843


Skype: tatjana.berga - (Riga)

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Alexandra Neylande - guide in Riga
Tatyana Berga - guide in Riga

Riga - Latvia

City of Riga - Tourist guide, sightseeing of the city, where to go and what to see, photos, museums, hotels, cafes and restaurants, guides, useful information ...

The city was founded in 1201 by the Bishop of Bremen, Albert Buxgevden.

Riga is the capital of Latvia and the largest city in the Baltic States. The historical center of Riga is located close to the Daugava River, and the northern areas extend to the Gulf of Riga.

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Sights of old Riga

To Riga it is good to run away from weariness, spleen, hassle and gray everyday life. The small and cozy streets of the Old Town give a fabulous mood and the perception that you are really in a very old place.

Riga is divided into two parts by the river Daugava, through which several beautiful bridges are transferred. The old city "dwells" on the right bank, it is quite small and very cozy.

Riga speaks both Latvian and Russian, many speak English well.

Town Hall Square

Riga, Latvia  - Town Hall Square
Town Hall Square is perhaps one of the main squares of the capital of Latvia.
It is on this square that the Ronald statue, the House of the Blackheads and the Town Hall building are located.

 Riga Town Hall Square, Riga is very fond of Christmas and New Year, so the Christmas tree is even in the hands of the statue of Roland.

The square itself with all its appearance shows all the originality and beauty of architecture. Travelers should definitely visit this amazing place. The center is played by musicians performing folk tunes. In the 3D cinema you can go on a virtual tour of the whole of Riga.

And you can just eat ice cream on the bench, enjoying the view of the house of the Blackheads and the unforgettable spiers of the cathedrals.

At the corner of the square are souvenir shops with a huge selection of products made of amber.

Learn more about this place >>

Church of St. Peter

Riga, Latvia - St. Peter's Church, Historical Center, Old Town of Riga

St. Peter’s Church is not only one of the main attractions of the Latvian capital, but also a unique symbol of Riga.

Perhaps the most remarkable place in Riga is the observation deck under the dome of St. Peter’s Church. There are always a lot of people here, but it doesn’t bother much.

And the views of evening Riga from the observation platform are stunning. In the cathedral there is a magnificent acoustics, various concerts are held there. In this church, a stunning spirit - there is a very strong energy place.

The first mention of this temple goes back centuries, namely the beginning of the XII century. The church tower is 124 meters high, and half of this height is a spire. Basically this church is famous for this spire. At a height of 57 meters there is the first observation deck, and at a height of 71 meters - the second, to which tourists get an elevator. From these viewing platforms there is an amazing view not only of old Riga, but also of the whole city.

This temple is a state monument of architecture, church services are held here, exhibitions are organized and concerts are organized.

Learn more - the history of the church of St. Peter, the time, coordinates...

The Dome Cathedral

Dome Cathedral - Riga, Latvia

The Dome Cathedral is located in the central part of Old Riga, and to the Dome Square, located next to it, a lot of narrow streets of the old city flow down, in the summer street cafes and various events are held here.

The architectural ensemble includes not only the majestic cathedral where the organ sounds and services are held to this day, but also the monastery where the museum is located now - the History of Riga, which is perhaps the most interesting museum in the Latvian capital.

In the same building you can visit the museum of navigation. The courtyard of the cathedral has the form of an open vaulted gallery.

House of the Blackheads

House of Blackheads in the evening - Riga, Latvia

Tourists traveling in Riga should definitely look at the famous 14th century architectural monument - the House of Blackheads.

This monument is located in the heart of the Latvian capital.

For several centuries, this house was rebuilt several times, but during the 2nd World War it was almost completely destroyed, and only in modern times was this castle successfully reconstructed.

Three brothers

Three brothers -  Riga, Latvia

Being in the area of ​​old Riga and walking along Malaya Zamkovaya Street, the traveler should pay attention to the houses with numbers 17, 19 and 21, these buildings are a rather interesting architectural complex called “Three Brothers”, by analogy with the “Three Sisters”, that in Tallinn.

These structures, which are tightly pressed against each other, are an excellent example of medieval urban development. Such a building is typical for the bulk of European cities.

This ensemble is also interesting because houses are built in it at different times, therefore the presence of different architectural styles is noticeable - Dutch mannerism, baroque, renaissance and gothic.

Big and Small Guilds

Big and Small Guilds - Riga, Latvia

Old Riga is a very compact city, but walking through it you can meet the masterpieces of the Middle Ages at every turn.

Among these magnificent monuments of architecture there are two main historical sites of the city, the Great Guild and the Small Guild.

Swedish Gate

Swedish Gate - Riga, Latvia

In Old Riga, on the Tornja Street, there are the Swedish Gate known to all travelers, which is an invaluable historical and cultural monument of Latvian architecture.

Riga is different. Places you can see the once other people's buildings with their own features and styles.

However, today everything has taken root here, even the fact that they wanted to be torn down at different times. Approximately the same fate awaited the Swedish Gate.

But, the landmark was decided to leave and restore. In modern times, the gate is a reminder of the Swedish era in urban history, as well as a place fanned by urban legends.

House with black cats

House with black cats - Riga, Latvia

Riga is the unique charm of the Old Town: narrow streets and ancient buildings with tiled roofs, leisurely walks, bridges over the Daugava River, and organ music in the famous Dome Cathedral.

There is another attraction here, which has become a kind of hallmark of this amazing place - the House with black cats (CatHouse), built at the beginning of the 20th century and attracting many tourists. With the appearance on the roof of the building of these animals is associated one of the famous urban legends.

Monument of Freedom

Monument of Freedom - Riga, Latvia

Today, the Freedom Monument is the highest monument of this type in Europe. In 2001 it was completely reconstructed, and it again began to shine in the middle of the Latvian capital.

The square, with this landmark of the country and the city, retains its symbolic significance and along with it serves as a favorite place for friendly walks and dates among the local youth. Every day at the Monument of Freedom from 09.00 to 20.00 there is a guard. In the history of Latvia, the Monument of Freedom is set aside a separate place.

Old Riga Map

Other sights of Riga

Of course, Riga is famous for its Old Town, but in Riga there are many other and interesting places, monuments and sights.

Festival in Riga - Christmas Tree Path

 Festival in Riga - The Path of the Christmas Trees
Going to the capital of Latvia, during the Christmas holidays, the traveler can not only see the local sights, but also become a witness of a unique festival, which takes place exclusively in Riga.

The festival "The Path of Christmas Trees" has become a new good tradition since 2010 and has already won many fans, both among the townspeople and among the many guests of the city.

The uniqueness of the festival is also in the fact that all the exhibits are not located in the museum premises, but under the open sky and anyone can look at these works of art.

Souvenirs, what to bring from Riga?

Tourists who have visited Riga traditionally bring amber jewelry, linen tablecloths, ceramics and, of course, the well-known Riga Balsam as a souvenir of the trip. But this is not the whole list of traditional Riga souvenirs.

From Riga, travelers are taking casts from the famous Riga facades and various unusual decorations. These decorations include products made of amber green, as they say this marsh amber.

In the souvenir shops you can buy leather covers, high-quality notebooks and leather wallets, as well as rather original wooden dishes made by hand by Riga artisans.

They bring the original Riga balsam, made with a deviation from the classic recipe - with black currants.

You can bring a very high quality natural weighed out soap from Riga soap factory: “Apple with oatmeal”, “Strawberry with cream” and others from a huge selection.


There are many different places in Riga where travelers with any taste and predilections can find comfort.

There are stylized restaurants under the Middle Ages, many bars where you can offer all sorts of drinks. In the center there are many cafes, there is a fast food establishment.

More about where to eat in Riga ...


Choose a guide, pick up an interesting excursion and read reviews from other travelers on this page.

Guides, walking and bus tours in Riga ...

Where to stay in Riga, hotels, hotels and hostels


Riga is a big city, so the choice of a hotel or other place to stay should be built on the principle of how it will be more convenient. If you want to get cheap accommodation and the distance to the center is not important for you, then on the outskirts you can find cheap hotels with quite decent service.

If you want, after leaving the hotel, to be in the "old city", then the cost of such accommodation will be much higher. But for those who want to save money and live as close as possible to the "old town", there is a great alternative to living in a hostel, where such a disadvantage as having roommates is more than covered by the advantage of living in the heart of Riga.

In the evening Riga becomes empty. When it gets dark, it is good to go to the most probably high bar of Riga - located in the Radisson Blu hotel, where from the height of the twenty-sixth floor you can admire the night city, decorated with a scattering of multicolored lights.

Cocktails in the bar are quite expensive, but the stunning view from the window is worth it to come here.

You can select a hotel, find out about its reviews and make a reservation through the international system by clicking on the link below.

Accommodation in Riga, hotels, hostels, reviews ...

Riga in numbers

The population of 695,539 people as of 2013.

Latitude: 56 ° 57′1.79 ″ N (56.950498) Longitude: 24 ° 6′58.57 ″ E (24.11627)

Riga time zone

UTC + 2, in the summer UTC + 3

How to call to Riga 8 - 10 - 371 (country code) 67 (Riga code)

Emergency phone numbers in Latvia

112 - Shared telephone
113 - Ambulance, fire service, police (around the clock)
110 - Police (24 hours a day)
Embassy of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Latvia
Address: Riga, st. Antonijas, 2 (Riga, Antonijas, 2), LV-1010
Tel. +371 67332151 Fax +371 67830209


The climate is temperate continental. Summer is warm and humid.

Average winter temperature - 3o -5o C . The average summer temperature in July is + 18 ° C

How to get to Riga


Riga Airport is located 13 kilometers from the city center.
Coordinates and contact information of the airport "Riga" - more ...


Riga Central Station
The railway station is the most important transport hub of the city of Riga. Closely established transport links between the countries of the European Union and Russia.
Coordinates and more detailed information ...

Marine messages

Riga Passenger Port
In addition to freight traffic, the Freeport of Riga is also involved in passenger transportation. There are cruise lines, as well as ferry communication with other EU countries and Russia.
Freeport of Riga - more ...

Video about Riga

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