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Helsinki Finland

The city of Helsinki was founded in 1550 by the Swedish king Vassa Dish. Helsinki is the center of education of culture and science, and also the capital of Finland.

The city is located on the shore of the Gulf of Finland of the Baltic Sea, not far from St. Petersburg, so we often visit the Russians.

Helsinki does not open itself at once. But a man who has fallen in love with this city, will remember him not for a cheap ticket to Finland, but for a special friendliness. What is fascinating contrary to common sense, never lets go.

The capital of Finland is captivating, close, but introvert. However, it is profitable to get there from St. Petersburg. For € 26 a person runs a bus three times a day in Helsinki, the journey takes an hour and a half. Tickets are most often bought on the spot.

Finland is big, you just need to get into the taste. The city of Helsinki is just designed for such a tourist adaptation.

Helsinki Attractions

It can not be said that Helsinki is a fount of attractions, but wandering around the pretty streets and seeing the main places will in any case be a pleasure.

Immediately strikingly well-groomed city and care for its citizens. On the footpaths there are divisions and a special "strip" for bicyclists, of whom there are many in the city.

In winter, you will not find on the roads disgusting salt, which irrevocably destroys shoes. The paths are sprinkled with fine granite crumbs, and specially passable places are heated.
What to see in Helsinki
The main attraction of Helsinki can be called the Senate Square. On it there is a majestic building of the Cathedral and the Senate, where the government sits.

Next to the Senate is the old University, on the corner of the Main University Library, where anyone can go to get acquainted with a rich collection of books.

Senate Square and Senate Building

In Moscow - Red Square, in St. Petersburg - Dvortsovaya, and the most visited place in the capital of Finland, perhaps, Senate Square, the main square in Helsinki.

Senate building, Helsinki, Finland

In its center is the snow-white Cathedral, also known as the St. Nicholas Cathedral, which received its name in honor of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker.

The architectural complex of Senate Square also includes the building of the University of Helsinki, the Senate building and the monument to the All-Russian Alexander II, who, as is known, patronized Finland.

To hear the heartbeat of Finland, it's enough just to visit the Senaatintori Square named after the Senate building here - there's no better place to be found.

The Senate Square and the Senate Building - details of what is nearby, food ...

Cathedral of St. Nicholas or Cathedral

Senate Square in Helsinki, in the area of ​​Kruununhaka, is the starting point for a tourist going to see the sights of the Finnish capital.

Cathedral of St. Nicholas, Helsinki, Finland
First of all, in this square, attracts the attention of the great Cathedral or St. Nicholas Cathedral. It is the main church of the Helsinki Diocese. The Cathedral towers above the sites of interest to tourists, such as: Senate building, Helsinki University, a monument to Alexander II

The big cathedral or the cathedral of St. Nicholas - details, what to see next, food ...

Church in the Rock

Church in the Rock -Tempeliaukio, Helsinki, Finland This is one of the most unique places in the capital of Finland, surprising with its grandeur and monumentality.

Having looked at the main sights, the Senate Square, a tourist walking through Helsinki, will necessarily want more. Therefore, the best place to visit, which is the Church in the rock is not found.

For many years, Temppeliaukio (the Church in the Rock) has attracted travelers from all over the world. Here you can also enjoy organ music.

After seeing this church, the tourist can go to the area of ​​Töölö, located just a short distance away.

This area is famous for its unique architecture, an abundance of squares and parks that pleases the eye.

Church in the Rock (Temppeliaukio) - more information about what is nearby, map ...

Monument to Jan Sibelius

After visiting the "Church in the Rock", you can go to another no less interesting, especially since it's only about a kilometer away - it's a monument to Jan Sibelius. It is noteworthy that you can not only look at this monument, but also listen!

Monument to the composer Jan Sibelius, Helsinki, Finland
Monument to Ian Sibelius - details of what to see next ...

Suomenlinna or the Sveaborg Fortress

These are 4 islands off the coast of the city of Helsinki, formerly also called Suomenlinna, it is a bright symbol of the city of Helsinki. Erected by the French and was intended to become “Northern Gibraltar.” Now Suomenlinna is a functioning open-air museum.

Not far from Helsinki, on the islands there is a bastion system of fortifications of Suomenlinna that in translation into Russian means "Finnish fortress". It is necessary to visit this landmark, built in 1748 and was an important maritime fortification.

 The fortress of Suomenlinna, Finland
On the territory of Sveaborg there are interesting museums, beautiful architectural buildings and a walking park. Also in the fortress there is a prison building and the most spacious Finnish sauna.

Suomenlinna or the fortress >>

Waterpark "Serena"

One of the most joyful and memorable events for children and adults who chose Finland for recreation is to visit the Serena water park, many people go to Helsinki to visit the water park, which is considered the largest tropical water park in all of Scandinavia.

The water park has 7 pools, a large section for saunas, a jacuzzi, waterfalls and many other entertainment. For family holidays this is an amazing option to have fun.

The water park is about 20 kilometers away from the center of the capital and is located in the ecologically clean suburb of Helsinki, in Espoo. It was built on a rock in the thick of a pine forest, with some rooms located directly inside the rock. To get to the water park is quite easy, just come to the bus station and buy a ticket, half an hour and a tourist on the spot.

Waterpark "Serena" - more, work time ...

Amusement Park Linnanmäki

The best time to relax in Helsinki is summer.

To spend an unforgettable summer day with the whole family or with happy friends is best in the Linnanmäki Amusement Park.

Amusement Park Linnanmäki

Every year, the park receives more than a million tourists, including a considerable number of Russians. It is this park that contains the best attractions not only in Finland, but also in the whole of Scandinavia.

Linnanmäki is a whole city with numerous attractions, cafes, restaurants, souvenir shops, as well as tents for lotteries and games.

Amusement Park Linnanmäki - ticket prices, how to get ...

Museum "Evrika"

For many people, the word “museum” is associated with corridors filled with exhibits; pictures hanging on twines or white threads; and strict grandmothers with glasses and knitted vests.

Museum (Eureka) Finland
The surprise of the tourist will be no limit when he visits the Evrika Science Center.

Yes, it is here that you can raise a real car on your own, pull the rectum out of a cardboard man, ride a rope on a rope, mint a coin with your profile and clearly understand the structure of a human body, perhaps even very clearly.

Here you can touch everything, because it is a real museum of natural science.

Museum "Evrika" - more about the museum, how to get there, the time of work ...

Aviation Museum - in Vantaa

This museum will be interesting to both adults and children, because the museum’s exhibits are absolutely real and full-size.

Aviation Museum - in Vantaa

Aviation Museum - Vantaa - more ...

Helsinki in numbers

The area of the city is 715 square kilometers.

The population of 601,000 people according to 2012. Helsinki is the capital of Finland.


Latitude: 60 ° 10′18.56 ″ N (60.171821)
Longitude: 24 ° 55′57.36 ″ E (24.932599)

Helsinki time zone

UTC + 2, in the summer UTC + 3

How to call Helsinki 8 - 10 - 358 (country code) 9 (Helsinki code)

Emergency phone numbers Helsinki

112 - Ambulance, fire service, police (around the clock)

10023 - Any information about medical care (around the clock)

how to get one

Helsinki climate

The climate in the city is temperate, bordering between the continental and the sea.

Finland has a long and snowy winter, and summer does not go beyond its time frame.
Average winter temperature - 7 ° C
The average summer temperature is +15 + 17 ° C

By the end of summer and autumn, the amount of precipitation significantly increases.


How to get to Helsinki


There are two airports - the international airports of Helsinki-Vantaa and Helsinki-Malmi


In Helsinki, you can come by rail on the high-speed train.

There is a train from Moscow - Leo Tolstoy
From St. Petersburg - Allegro


In Helsinki there is a large port with ferry services to many countries of the world. Ferry companies such as Tallink Silja, Viking Line, Finnlines, St. Peter Line.


Public Transport Helsinki

Helsinki has an extensive public transport network. There are trams, buses, taxis and subways. There is also a special type of transport called CityBike.

Simple is a bike that can be borrowed for a time on bail of 2 euros.

CityBike operates in the central part of the city where there are about 25 parking lots. Anyone can use the bike.


Prices in Helsinki

In general, with accommodation, as well as with other tourist options in Helsinki, there are no dirty tricks. All prices are almost the same.

In some 20 minutes of walking from the main station, past Hakaniemi Square with its famous market, the Kallio district is located, where you can drink beer for € 3, and not € 6, as in the center. In this regard, drunk there they come across in the morning - they quickly go to the contact, and are distinguished by natural friendliness.


Hotels Helsinki

In the city a large number of both expensive hotels and affordable hostels. In the central part there are more than 20 hotels with different categories and prices.

Helsinki is located on a peninsula, where the luminaries of northern Art Nouveau were built a century ago. It is there, very close to the pier and the city center, where the most popular among Russians is the hotel "Grand Mariina" of the Scandic Hotels group. It has a system of corporate discounts, significantly reducing € 180 for a double room.

Despite the fact that the hotel was built in the building of the former ship repair shops, its 4 stars are drawn to all 5. Not many rooms of the same type, lots of back streets: in a word it is unusual.

The Arthur Hotel is famous for the same property not far from the masterpiece railway station. Its 1900s design will serve as a reliable guide when walking. In "Arthur" number will cost € 175 with discounts up to 50%.

In Kallio live students, Bohemians and immigrants from the East, there are no hotels there.

By the station, you can also stay at the Holiday Inn. This is already a luxury hotel for the same € 180.

And if reasonable savings are more important than comfort, Eurohostel should be kept in mind - on the same wonderful peninsula. Prices there start from € 49, there is a bit more expensive, but these are already multi-bed rooms.


Food in Helsinki

In Helsinki, there are many tasty places where you can eat out from the heart, both local cuisine and European dishes.

Helsinki - Attractions for a Snack

On the part of the gastronomic excesses of Helsinki, it is convenient to use decent national fast foods, mostly Chinese. For them, for € 12 they give a plate, devices and the right to an unlimited number of approaches. Such institutions are concentrated:

• around the shopping street Aleksanterinkatu (in honor of the Russian Tsar);

• on the underground area of ​​the Forum shopping center (more than 300 department stores);

• Inside Kamppi Mall, built exactly above the bus station.

Restaurants Helsinki

Our tourist can offer:

• The nostalgic Bellevue restaurant directly opposite the Russian church on the peninsula.

• Good and Central at the Russian Embassy. There you can eat Scandinavian cuisine from € 13 for a hot meal;

• You can dine in the picturesque Kaivopuisto Park, where, in particular, there is the museum of Marshal Mannerheim.

No less pleasant is the neighboring area of ​​Ayr, which is built up with apartment buildings that run down to the sea from the harsh church of Agricola, which looks like a 4-sided bottle. It is worth wrapping up in the Manala restaurant not far from the Parliament and the Kaisma Art Museum. Finnish cuisine for € 10 will smooth out the shock of what he saw: the building resembles in its plan the Greek letter “chiasm”.

It must be said that it is customary to arrange “cold picnics” along the coastal strip in Helsinki (bonfires, of course, are prohibited).

Oddly enough, in a quiet, serene Helsinki, a vibrant nightlife. It makes sense to have fun in the eccentric cafe Mockba Corona. In fact, this is a nightclub, but Pugacheva’s Harlequin rushes from its speakers.

Another version of the evening pastime - institution Zetor, opened next to the railway station by veterans of the Finnish rockabilly.

Fun Finns know how. The completely incomprehensible language of Suomi does not interfere with having fun with them:

• in the Water Park Swimming Stadium;

• at the zoo Korkeasaari Elaintarha;

• in the amusement park Linnanmaki.



Many shops located in the city center will give magic shopping and will be pleasantly impressed with the quality of goods. Helsinki will attract more than once those travelers who have visited it at least once.

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