Choosing a portable toilet

How to choose the right portable toilet - What to consider when choosing. Basic questions about toilets.

In this article, we will focus on a definitely useful invention - a portable toilet that allows many to make their life easier and more comfortable.

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Portable toilets are widely used. Someone uses them as a mobile device that takes up very little space in the car and is very useful when traveling with a tent to the sea, others find stationary use for it and use it as a temporary toilet, for example, when building a country house, and of course, this option turns out to be extremely useful for small children or for the elderly, as well as for people with disabilities.

 A portable toilet is definitely convenient, it is compact, with proper care it does not spread odors and, most importantly, it does not need to be connected to a sewer, which means that such a device can be taken anywhere and placed anywhere.

For those who are interested in various options for implementing a country toilet, as well as their pros and cons, see my other video link to which you can find in the description of this video. Well, we will continue about the toilet.

To begin with, consider the design of this device

Portable toilet consists of two detachable parts.
The upper part of the toilet has a seat with a lid and a water tank with which flushing is carried out after pressing a special button. The lower part is a storage tank, inside of which waste accumulates.

Portable dry closet A portable toilet requires consumables in the form of liquids that are filled into tanks.
In the upper tank, ordinary plain water is poured with the addition of a special detergent, and in the lower tank a special agent that breaks down impurities and eliminates odors.

When choosing this device, you should take into account a number of factors that affect its functionality and, of course, the price.
So, let's find out in more detail what you should pay attention to when choosing a liquid dry closet.

First you need to decide who exactly will use the dry closet.

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