Introduction to Soft Bearing Machines

Explore the intricacies of Soft Bearing Balancing Machines, their design features,and applications across industries. Understand the key differences, advantages, and limitations of each type to choose the right balancing machine.

Soft Bearing Balancing Equipment: An Overview

Introduction to Soft Bearing Machines

Soft bearing balancing equipment utilizes dynamically flexible supports, a characteristic that categorizes them under the resonance machine type.

This equipment is engineered with supports whose resonant frequencies are significantly lower than the operational speeds of the rotors they handle, facilitating a responsive vibration mechanism during imbalance scenarios.

Soft Bearing Balancing Equipment

Functioning Principles

In contrast to hard bearing machines, soft bearing units do not measure imbalance forces directly. Instead, as the rotor spins, the imbalance generates centrifugal forces that make the flexible supports oscillate. This movement is then detected by:

  • Vibration sensors placed strategically on the supports, tasked with gauging both the amplitude and phase of the vibrations.

The feedback from these sensors is analyzed by the machine’s sophisticated computational system to accurately assess the imbalance and recommend precise corrective measures.

Advantages of Using Soft Bearing Machines

These machines stand out for their simplicity and cost-effectiveness. They are especially adept at identifying imbalances in lighter, smaller rotors, making them an ideal choice for such applications.

Soft Bearing Balancing Equipment


Despite their advantages, soft bearing machines have their constraints.

They are not suitable for very heavy rotors or those operating near their critical speeds, as their design limits the handling of extreme forces.

Appropriate Applications

Soft bearing balancing machines are best suited for environments where handling light and medium-sized rotors is the norm, and where high precision is not the critical requirement.

Diving Deeper into Balancing Technology

Soft Bearing Balancing Equipment
For professionals interested in expanding their knowledge of balancing techniques and exploring a range of balancing equipment, Vibromera offers extensive resources and tools. The Balanset-1A from Vibromera exemplifies advanced balancing technology tailored for both field and workshop settings.

This tool is optimal for practitioners needing portable solutions for machines such as fans, grinders, and pumps.

To learn more about do-it-yourself balancing methods or to gain deeper insights into balancing machine setups, visit Vibromera's DIY balancing machine guide.

Vibromera and the Balanset-1A

Vibromera, a company specializing in vibration analysis and balancing equipment, offers a portable field balancer called the Balanset-1A.

This device can be used for both in-situ (field) balancing and as a measuring system for balancing machines. It's ideal for balancing fans, grinding wheels, spindles, crushers, pumps, and many other types of rotating machinery. The Balanset-1A provides both single and two-plane balancing options and comes with a user-friendly software that simplifies the balancing process.

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