Plumbing faucets, the best of the best

Trading companies offer consumers different types of mixers. Among them there is sure to be one that suits you in terms of construction, price and design

A faucet is a technically sophisticated device designed to supply water to a shower, bath or sink. It experiences pressure and temperature drops, and is constantly in contact with water. When buying a mixer, it is better to give preference to the products of reputable companies with an impeccable reputation.

Bathroom, mixer, sink

In the line of mixer models produced by renowned companies, both budgetary and exclusive products are usually presented. Regardless of the price category of products, reputable companies never skimp on quality at the expense of their own prestige.


Among the manufacturers of sanitary ware I would like to highlight the Grohe company. It was created in 1936 in Germany, its name has long been synonymous with reliability and quality.

In the production of faucets, accessories for baths and shower sets, the company uses modern materials and technologies. All products are guaranteed by the manufacturer for 5 years. Great design is another advantage of the products of this company.

Every day, hundreds of designers are working on new collections of sanitary ware. It is safe to say that Grohe mixers are the best of those on the Russian market. The company's collections include products of all price categories.


Mixers of the Finnish company Oras cannot be called anything other than a miracle of modern technology. They "remember" the most comfortable water temperature for a person, regulate the water supply, guarantee its economical consumption, completely eliminate the risk of hot water burns.

The company offers several collections of mixers of different designs, from classic to high-tech. The main advantages of Oras mixers are high ergonomics, quiet operation, electronic control system and reliability. Oras faucets are elite plumbing fixtures.


Roca faucets are of high quality and stunning design that captures the beauty of the natural forms of water. This is the position of the large Spanish company Roca Group, whose history began 95 years ago in the suburbs of Barcelona. The brand's products, including faucets for showers, bathtubs, sinks and bidets, are prestigious, beautiful and high-tech.

It rightly belongs to the elite category of sanitary equipment. Technological innovations that ensure economical use of water are the main highlight of the brand. The latest innovation from the company is hybrid mixers operating in two modes - conventional and electronically controlled. This solution allows you to optimize water consumption.


The German company Hansa has been producing mixers since 1950. Thanks to the talent of its engineers, the world first learned about the single-lever mixer design. An alloy of legendary German quality, comfort and innovative solutions - this is what Hansa taps are.

One of them was the invention of special cartridges with grease, which protects the moving parts of the water taps from abrasion. Under the Hansa brand, completely touchless electronic bath faucets are on the market. Anyone who at least once feels the superiority of such a solution will no longer want to use conventional mixers.

Durability and reliability are another priority of the company. Modern technologies and materials are the basis of the brand's success in the global sanitary ware market.

Jacob Delafon

Stylish classic - this is how Jacob Delafon (France) mixers can be characterized. The company has been manufacturing bathroom equipment for over a hundred years. Their main advantage is high ergonomics and stylish design.

In Jacob Delafon mixers, everything is thought out to the finest detail. The wide range consists of collections in different styles. All products are made from the finest steel with excellent finish. This brand is famous for its high class of casting, which allows you to create reliable equipment with smooth shapes. It is also nice that the company produces mixers in different price categories.

Durability, comfort and beauty are the characteristics of all Jacob Delafon faucets, regardless of their cost.

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