The coolest and technological airports to date

Many of us, who often travel, sometimes make their way not only to be the shortest, but also to go through certain airports...

The reason is that in some airports there is simply nothing to do, and in some you don’t even have a couple of hours to go around all the shops and enjoy chic food in restaurants.

Today, aviavavani are built as full-fledged shopping and entertainment centers, which have all the institutions necessary for life, from a hairdresser to a gym and numerous shops. What are the most beautiful airports in the world, and which ones are the most technologically advanced?

If you have never seen an airport located in Uruguay, near the capital, Montevideo, then most likely you can’t even imagine what the phrase “beautiful airport” can mean.

Each year, about two million passengers travel through Carrasco International Airport, and they see the incredibly beautiful architectural form of the building. It looks especially beautiful at dusk, the building looks like a flying saucer, look at the photo below:

  Uruguay: Montevideo’s Carrasco Airport

Unusual forms are also famous for several architectural offices in the world, and one of them is located in Italy, Fuksas.

The architects of this office have put their imagination in creating one of the most interesting airports in the world - Shenzhen Bao'an in China.

The futuristic-type building came out in shape, which is well thought out from the point of view of using natural daylight, thanks to the hexagonal windows that are located all over the roof. It's nice that in modern constructions renewable energy sources are increasingly used, because so many passengers a year really spend a lot of electricity.

Cool technology found at airports

Almost all airports have free Wi-Fi for a long time, but what about the free pool on the roof of the airport or the 24-hour cinema, where can any traveler go for free?

Such facilities can be found at Singapore’s Changi Airport, which has been winning the title of “The Best Airport in the World” for several years, according to Skytrax. What else can be found in the technologically developed airline offices?

Sleep capsules

Often during air travel it may happen that it takes more than 24 hours to get from point A to point B. Depending on the budget, people usually stay in a nearby hotel or simply stay overnight on the benches / floor of the airport.

To the delight of people, now special capsules for sleeping have begun to appear at airports, which in some cases are even free. Special boxes in which anyone can enjoy a dream, appeared quite recently and at the Moscow airport Vnukovo. One hour costs 350 rubles, which is a bit expensive if you need a full, at least 8-hour sleep.

Assistant robots

In one of the largest airports in Europe, Skhhiphol, in the Netherlands, there were robots assistants who can help with the transportation of baggage, with the Dutch translation into English, or simply navigate at the airport.

You won’t surprise anyone with digital check-in points for the flight, so now you can meet robot assistants at airports. And so, if you really like to be in the trend of the latest technologies, then you must visit the following airports: Dubai, Schiphol, Changi, Incheon, Seoul, Hong Kong - we advise!

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