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The official name of the country is the Republic of Finland.

Finland is a European country, conquering travelers around the world with its virgin nature, attractive architecture and affordable prices for high-quality goods.

State located in northern Europe.

Member of the European Union since 1995. It gained independence in 1917.

Capital of Finland

The main political and administrative city of the Republic of Finland is Helsinki.

National flag of the Republic of Finland

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On the white cloth is a blue Scandinavian cross symbolizing Christianity.

National emblem of Finland

It is a scarlet shield on which is placed the crowned lion in the right paw of a lion depicted as a knight’s hand in armor, a silver sword with a golden hilt is located.

At the bottom of the shield, a lion tramples on a Saracen saber. There are nine silver rosettes on the shield, according to the number of historical parts of Finland.

Official currency


Finnish population

Population - 5,181,000 people (according to data for 2000) Finland is the last in Europe in terms of population density.


The main language is Finnish, but Swedish is also used. Finns get good educational English, so in most cases they can switch to English.

Administration of the Republic of Finland

Finland divided into 20 provinces

1. Lapland
2. Northern Ostrobothnia
3. Kainuu
4. North Karelia
5. Northern Savonia
6. Southern Savonia
7. Southern Ostrobothnia
8. Ostrobothnia
9. Pirkanmaa
10. Satakunta
11. Central Ostrobothnia
12. Central Finland
13. Varsinays-Suomi
14. South Karelia
15. Pyayat-Hame
16. Kant-Hame
17. Uusimaa
18. East Uusimaa
19. Kymenlaakso
20. Aland Islands

Administration of the Republic of Finland

Territory and geography

Finland is located in the northern part of Europe, and its significant part lies beyond the Arctic Circle.

The territory of Finland - 338,430.53 km²

Weather in Finland

The average temperatures in Finland of all seasons are always higher than in Russia at the same latitudes.

In July:

• 18 ° in the south of the country;

• 16 ° in the center;

• 15 ° in the north.

In winter, contrasts are sharper:

• -4 ° on the Aland Islands;

• -9 ° in Oulu;

• -14 ° in Lapland.

Holidays in Finland

Finland welcomes guests in summer and winter. There is a large selection of different options for active recreation for adults and children.

Oulu city - Finland, Boats, Ships, Gulf, Harbor

For lovers of skiing - Finland is a win-win option. In this country there are the best sports centers of the resort regions of the country, but that countries are the best in all of Northern Europe.

Finnish cities are also suitable for a combined holiday. For lovers of excursions and adventure seekers, a holiday in Northern Savonia is perfect.

Of course, many tourists prefer to go further:

• in winter to Lapland - go skiing, watch deer and Santa Claus;

• in the summer in Turku - live on one of the thousands of surrounding islands;

• in spa hotels and water parks located near the Finnish capital;

• to the wonderful town of Porvoo from the medieval wooden embankment, where an old steamer goes from Helsinki.

Fans of fishing go to the lake Saimaa, where once a day they let the water down the rocky channel of the Imatra river. This terrible sight is best seen from the eponymous hotel - the former sanatorium, built in the XIX century. for the Russian nobility.

Finland: can

• Get a free guide. In the Northern Esplanade, not far from the Market Square, there is a Tourist Information Office.

• Ride at night on snowmobiles.

• Visit the dog farm, where anyone who wishes is allowed to rule the dog sled.

• Take a swim in the Finnish sauna

• Ride on reindeer harnessed to a sleigh

• Visit the real Santa Claus in Rovaniemi

• Arrange an unforgettable fishing

• Visit the many water parks

• Visit the Mum-stake visiting Mumitrolly

• Arrange shopping on sale

Finland: it is impossible

• Drink alcohol in parks and streets. But by law, drinkers should not be a hooligan.

• Fish in threshold areas of water bodies with populations of trout, trout or whitefish.

• No smoking.

• Threaten passersby with gestures or words.

• Turn on the emergency car in the car without need, as the Finns use it only in an emergency situation.

• Occupy the leftmost lane.

Finnish culinary dish to try

A traveler in Finland should definitely get acquainted with the national cuisine of this country, and for this you need to remember three simple rules.

First: do not be surprised, you need to be prepared for the most unusual combinations of various products and extravagant unusual tastes.

Second: there is no need to compare Finnish culinary customs with the gastronomic traditions of other nations, Finns are scrupulous in this regard. And the third: it is better not to refuse the offer to drink a cup of coffee, it is almost a cult in Finland.

Culinary passions Finns - more ...

Cities of Finland

Helsinki             Kotka

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