Alexandra Neylande - guide in Riga

It's impossible not to fall in love with Riga! Fascinating history, unique architecture, touching legends, unique traditions and absolutely fantastic cuisine ...

Alexandra Neylande - guide in Riga

Hello, dear guests!

I was born in resplendent St. Petersburg, and grew up in wonderful Riga.
After graduating from a technical college, I tried many professions, until finally, having received an appropriate education, I became a certified guide.

I'd like to tell you about my beloved city and show it from the most interesting side. Walking through the Old Riga, you will plunge into the Middle Ages, I will walk you through the narrow streets that remember the German, Swedish and Russian times. Riga is simply fascinating with its versatility, baffles historians, archaeologists and architects, makes you think about the sharp turns of fate.

But we wouldn’t get into any corners of Riga, you will be comfortable in this cozy, sweet and hospitable city on Dvina. This is a very harmonious city with a rare sense of peace and quiet joy. In Riga, you can not drive excursions at the pace of the march, walking here, waltzing and circling.

I organize individual and group excursions in Latvia, answer all your questions regarding your holiday in our country.

Welcome to the beautiful Riga!

My contact details:

Latvia, Riga - Alexandra Neylande

tel. +371 28816625


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