Kant Island - Kaliningrad - (Königsberg) Russia

To visit Kaliningrad without visiting the island of Kant is a big omission. It is necessary to visit it not only because this place is saturated with history, but also because this picturesque island attracts from afar with green trees and slender architectural forms. The island is especially beautiful if you look at it from the tower of the Fisherman’s Village ...

Kant Island - Kaliningrad - (Konigsberg) Russia

Kant Island is located in the middle of the Pregolya River in the center of Kaliningrad. Looking at the park with stone sculptures, and on only one building on the island - the majestic Cathedral, I can not believe that once this city was located here.

About the city on the island is known from the XIV century. At that time, the city even had a coat of arms. For the rights to the surrounding land, he competed with other cities located near the Königsberg fortress.

Until 1944, there were more than three hundred houses on the island, 28 streets along which even the trams, the Cathedral and the town hall went. But in 1944, under the massive bombing of the British aviation, the city was completely destroyed. Of the buildings survived only the cathedral, and other destroyed buildings were used for the restoration of Leningrad.

Later they decided to improve the territory, the arboretum and the Sculpture Park appeared, soon the Cathedral was also restored. The remains of the famous thinker and founder of classical German philosophy Immanuel Kant are buried near the walls of the cathedral.

Five bridges connected the island with the "mainland". In total, 7 bridges were transferred across Pregol. The indigenous people of Königsberg were very fond of telling travelers the “riddle of the seven bridges” - how to walk along them without crossing a single bridge twice.

In 1736, the famous mathematician L. Euler proved that this was impossible to do. Thanks to his brilliant proof, the “graph theory” appeared, which is still used today.

There is very little entertainment on the island, but they, no doubt, deserve attention. Basically, this visit and inspection of the Cathedral and the monuments of Julius Roull - the German theologian and public figure, and Albrecht of Brandenburg - the first Duke of Prussia.

The modern island of Kant is a favorite resting place of citizens and guests of the city. Near the Cathedral, newlyweds are photographed, the owners of the boats invite for a river walk. If you move away from all this fuss a little to the side, then you can sit on a bench among chestnuts and sculptures and enjoy nature, fresh air and silence.

Tourists can also walk to the Fish Village - made in the old architectural style of the shopping, ethnographic and handicraft center of the city. In the village leads Honey Bridge.

In the summer, street fairs are often organized on the island, various festivals and even reconstructions of knightly battles from the Middle Ages are held.

Address and coordinates

Russia, Kaliningrad, Kant Island

GPS Coordinates:

Latitude 54 ° 42′21 ″ N (54.705931)
Longitude 20 ° 30′45 ″ E (20.512458)

How to get there?

Nearest address - Oktyabrskaya Street 1

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