Kaliningrad - (Konigsberg) - Russia

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Kaliningrad - (Konigsberg) - Russia

Initially, even before the appearance of the city, there was only a fortress called Tvangste, after the name of the fortress itself, people began to call and the settlement appeared near the outpost.

But in 1255 the Bohemian king Otakar II decided to build a new fortress on the bank of the Pregolya river.

As they say in the legends, the place where the king stood and made his landmark decision was on a hill, later the people called the place and the fortress Königsberg, which in German means King's Mountain. The date of foundation of the city is considered the date of the fortress construction, it is September 1, 1255.

By decision of the Potsdam Conference in 1945, it was considered to be a city as a war trophy of the Soviet Union, on July 4, 1946, the city of Königsberg was accepted into the USSR and was given the new name Kaliningrad.

Sights of Kaliningrad

Unfortunately, many architectural monuments of the city have not reached our time, because in the Second World War the city was almost wiped off the face of the earth.

Allied aviation, along with military facilities, systematically destroyed the infrastructure and residential areas of the city.

And on the night of August 30, 1944, one of the most brutal raids on the city by the British Air Force was made. Of the 189 Lancaster planes, 480 tons of bombs were dropped, after which the entire historic center was completely destroyed.

But despite the huge losses of cultural heritage in the city there are many interesting and attractive places for tourists. It is worth noting that arriving tourists should definitely get acquainted with the sights of the Kaliningrad region.

Kant Island - Kaliningrad - (Konigsberg) Russia Kant Island

Immanuel Kant Island - Kaliningrad To visit Kaliningrad without visiting Kant Island is a big omission.

You should visit this place at least out of respect for the ancient philosopher in whose honor the island bears its name.

In the greenery of the shady trees that cover the whole island, the heart of the city hid, here guests and residents of the city love to relax.

The island is especially beautiful if you look at it from the tower of the Fisherman’s Village.

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Cathedral, Kant Island - Kaliningrad (Konigsberg) Russia Cathedral in Kaliningrad

Kaliningrad Cathedral is the dominant of the island of Kant and towers over the city.

The cathedral is an active monument of the XIV century, at the eastern corner of the northern side of the cathedral, the grave of the German philosopher Immanuel Kant is located ...

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Kaliningrad Zoo - (Konigsberg) - Russia Kaliningrad Zoo

Tourists after exploring the many natural and architectural sights will be pleased to be in the Kaliningrad zoo.

This is not just a menagerie, but a place with a history ...

Fish Village Kaliningrad - (Konigsberg) - Russia Fish Village

Craft and ethnographic center Fish Village.

One of the most interesting and popular places in Kaliningrad.

This landmark was created relatively recently - construction began in 2006.

Today in the Fish Village - 14 objects ...

Kirkha Sagrada Familia -  Kaliningrad Regional Philharmonic - (Konigsberg) - Russia Kirkha Sagrada Familia - (Konigsberg) Kaliningrad Regional Philharmonic

The Kirche of the Sagrada Familia, looking up into its towers, is festive and light.

In this church, only weddings and baptisms were held, and the funeral services were never held.

The interior of the church is rather restrained, solemn and light ...

Stock Exchange - Kaliningrad - (Konigsberg) - Russia Stock Exchange

Among all the Kaliningrad buildings there is no one that would not have attracted the attention of the tourist - either by appearance or by its history.

Here and the former Stock Exchange, which is on the bank of the Pregolya River, will be interesting for tourists both by its history and architecture ...

Amber Museum - Kaliningrad - (Konigsberg) - Russia Amber Museum

The Amber Museum is located in the fortress tower of the mid-19th century, with which Kaliningrad is rich.

This is one of those places where you should definitely be a tourist who came to this city. Here anyone will find an exhibit for which he will definitely stay.

The rooms themselves create a special atmosphere ...

Sculpture Fighting bison - Kaliningrad - (Konigsberg) - Russia Sculpture "Fighting bison"

The sculpture “Fighting bison” is located in the square next to the former court building, therefore it was nicknamed by the people “Prosecutor and Defender”, meaning the struggle of two participants in the judicial process, but the sculptor himself had no idea ...

Kaliningrad in numbers

The area of the city is 224 square kilometers.

Population - 459,560 people. as of 2016

Coordinates of the city center about. Kant

Latitude 54 ° 42′25 ″ N (54.706826)
Longitude 20 ° 30′32 ″ E (20.508853)

Time Zone - UTC + 2

Telephone area code: 4012

Weather in Kaliningrad

The climate of the city is transitional from maritime to continental.

Due to the influence of the Gulf Stream, winter is warmer than in mainland regions of Eurasia.

As a rule, spring comes earlier, and autumn is somewhat slower than in mainland areas at the same latitude.

Region Number: 39 - 91

How to get to Kaliningrad

In Kaliningrad, there is a railway station, airport and seaport.
It is worth remembering that the Kaliningrad region is cut off from Russia by other states, so when traveling you may need a visa and insurance.


Hotels in Kaliningrad

This city can offer its guests a different choice of accommodation, from affordable to an elite level of 5 stars. For those who upon arrival in the city does not prioritize accommodation in a luxury hotel where you can get a full range of "spa", excellent restaurant food and other amenities of civilization, you can advise accommodation in low-cost apartments, the choice of which is very large in the city.

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