Cathedral - Kaliningrad, Russia

Kaliningrad Cathedral, located on the island of Kant towers over the city. This cultural and architectural monument erected in the XIV century is known as the main symbol of the Kaliningrad region, besides this is the oldest church in the city ...

Cathedral, Kant Island - Kaliningrad (Konigsberg) Russia  

The majestic Gothic building, which represents the spirit of the old Prussia, is perhaps the main “character” of the unique architectural complex of the city, which combined the old Prussian classics, modern architecture and the Soviet past.

Today is a cathedral, not a functioning Catholic church, but here there is a small Orthodox and evangelical chapel.

Kaliningrad Cathedral takes its history from the XIV century, it was then that September 13, 1333, it was first mentioned about it.

The cathedral was completed only in 1380. For a long time it housed the famous Wallenrod Library, which absorbed the most valuable ancient manuscripts and books.

Previously, the Albertina University of Prussia was located near the cathedral, where the famous philosopher Immanuel Kant worked. By the way, Kant - the last scientist of the university, who was buried in the cathedral professorial tomb. Today, the grave of Kant, is a popular place for visitors to the city.

During World War II, the cathedral was bombed. The cathedral was completely restored only in the early 2000s. Now visitors can look at the interior of the library and enjoy the music of the main highlight of the cathedral - organ.


Opening hours: The museum

Mon – Thu 10: 00-18: 00
Fri.-Sun 10: 00–19: 00

Day off - January 1


Address and coordinates

Kaliningrad, st. I. Kant, 1

Cashier: +7 (4012) 63-17-05

236022 Kaliningrad, Russia, Narvskaya Street, 56
Reception: +7 (4012) 93-45-83
Accounting: +7 (4012) 93-45-88
Information Department: +7 (4012) 93-57-98

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Cathedral on the map of Kaliningrad

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