Overview of popular beaches of the world

Someone strive for a vibrant nightlife and entertainment entertainment, others need to retire with nature, someone has a priority surrounding the flora and fauna. For each direction, you can choose your favorite ...

Beach - Dominican Republic, Caribbean

The breathtaking beauty of Pink Sands Beach, spread out on Harbor Island, got its name, thanks to the sand with an unusual pink shade, and in combination with the azure smooth surface of the water, the guests are completely delighted.

Diving on this beach is a world standard. The velvet season lasts twelve months a year.

To rest on Pink Sands Beach requires a transit of American or British visas, as it is possible to be in the Bahamas only through the USA or London.

One of the longest beaches of the planet - Cox's Bazar in Bangladesh, the total length of beaches 220 km, the largest in length and width, is Inani Beach, its natural length is 120 km, is listed in the Guinness Book of Records. Known for its breathtaking sunsets that gather crowds of holidaymakers.

The most glamorous and expensive beach is Las Salinas in Ibiza. Here rest the stars of world renown. The average consumption per day is $ 100. The combination of club life and reckless nights. It is an island party.

Aristocratic beach Cote d'Azur, located in France.

Luxury hotels and restaurants, beaches everywhere in someone's property, so paid, rich villas and, of course, boutiques.

The paradise for photographers is Anse Sourse D’Argent beach, located on the Sheishel Islands. Lonely, consisting of bays, divided by granite hills interspersed with palm trees. May - November will be welcoming to family couples with a child and lovers of scorseling.

The cleanest beach in the world is Varadero, located in Cuba. Tourists from all countries come here just for a beach holiday. Located two hours from Havana.

The very famous beach Copacabana (Rio de Janeiro), which is more than five kilometers long, will be greeted with a noisy celebration or an extraordinary carnival.

Original beach Wakaya (Fiji) - a romantic and picturesque beach, untouched by civilization. The bungalows are located very far away and therefore vacation can be spent like on a desert island. Visit the real natives, see exotic fish, enjoy the beauty of unprecedented plants, just get into the fairy tale world, then you are welcome to Wakaya.

Topless South Beach is located on Miami - Hollywood stars and ordinary tourists consider it indecent to sunbathe in swimsuits.

The secluded beach of Lombok is located in Indonesia, on which one hotel is built with twenty luxury villas scattered across the beach. Known for the fabulous underwater world. A great place for those who need to retire and stay in peace and quiet.

Nudist beach Koversada in Croatia - no need to think about what to wear, because it is customary to visit restaurants, bars and beaches completely naked.

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