Where are the most dangerous animals?

List of places where tourists can most likely meet dangerous predators: crocodiles, sharks, fish and poisonous snakes ...

Tiger, animal, big cat

Coast of Cape Town - here are found white sharks, and travelers can go on a diving tour to see near the huge fish.

Australian park Kakadu - here tourists can meet sea crocodiles, the most dangerous reptiles of the world, and in nearby restaurants - to try a steak from crocodile meat.

Tanzania, where the largest population of lions lives - here tourists go on safari tours, despite the frequent cases of aggression from predators.

The Canadian province of Manitoba, on the northern borders of which lives a lot of polar bears.

Indian national parks with Bengal tigers.

According to the University of Florida estimates, which has analyzed statistics since the early 1990s, there are 0.4 cases of deaths per year in the United States for shark attacks. It was found, therefore, that sharks do less damage to humanity than many

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