Which city is better in summer: Sanremo or Saint Tropez

Two wonderful cities are located on the same longitude in two neighboring countries of Europe. San Remo in Italy, Saint Tropez in France. Any traveler is obliged to visit each of these cities.


 San Remo

A small resort town with a population of about 57 thousand people. The Italian town is very beautiful with nature, azure sea, snow-white beaches and flowering parks and gardens. For art lovers in Sanremo, there are ancient monuments.

The main attraction of the city is Empress Embankment. Palm trees that we can now admire on this embankment were brought by Empress Maria Alexandrovna. The most luxurious hotels, expensive restaurants and fashionable boutiques are located on the waterfront. In addition to the waterfront, San Remo is famous for its historically significant buildings. One of these structures is the Civic Museum of Sanremo.

The museum contains several rooms. Here you can admire the frescoes on the ceilings and view archaeological finds. The painting of the Italian artist Maurizio Carrega "Glory to Saint Napoleon" and the bronze statues of Franco Bargigia are the main attraction of the museum. Also a valuable place in San Remo is the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, it is also called the "Russian Church".

The temple is open to this day, it hosts divine services in Russian. Describing the appearance of the temple, we can say that it consists of five domes with crosses, the highest reaches a height of 50 meters. The pride of the temple is the iconostasis with icons of the Mother of God and Christ.

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Saint Tropez

Saint Tropez, France

In the south of France, an enterprising city, Saint Tropez, was captured. A modest fishing village in the 60s was transformed into one of the most natural resorts, and now many tourists come here every year. The streets of the Fisherman's Quarter still keep the same spirit of the past, but despite this, it is difficult to find a fishing boat among luxury yachts in the Old Port.

Saint Tropez also attracts many tourists from its mild climate on the Cote d'Azur. Art lovers organize the Museum of the Annunciation, which presents the work of prominent French artists. And also there are church relics - the Chapel of St.

Anne, the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Maritime Museum with an exhibition of the maritime history of Saint Tropez, the House of Butterflies, as well as the stunning Port Grimaud with the discovery of yachts.In Saint-Tropez, a large number of old chapels and churches have been preserved, each of them keeps its own history.

The monastery chapel is of great interest to tourists. According to history, it was built on the burial site of St. Trofim the Apostle. Locals consider him the main patron of the city.

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