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Automatically downloaded logo for the rubric The city of Helsinki was founded in 1550 by the Swedish king Vassa Dish. Helsinki is the center of education of culture and science, and also the capital of Finland.

The city is located on the shore of the Gulf of Finland of the Baltic Sea, not far from St. Petersburg, so we often visit the Russians.

Helsinki does not open itself at once. But a man who has fallen in love with this city, will remember him not for a cheap ticket to Finland, but for a special friendliness. What is fascinating contrary to common sense, never lets go.

The capital of Finland is captivating, close, but introvert. However, it is profitable to get there from St. Petersburg. For € 26 a person runs a bus three times a day in Helsinki, the journey takes an hour and a half. Tickets are most often bought on the spot.

Finland is big, you just need to get into the taste. The city of Helsinki is just designed for such a tourist adaptation.
Helsinki Attractions

It can not be said that Helsinki is a fount of attractions, but wandering around the pretty streets and seeing the main places will in any case be a pleasure.

Immediately strikingly well-groomed city and care for its citizens. On the footpaths there are divisions and a special "strip" for bicyclists, of whom there are many in the city.

In winter, you will not find on the roads disgusting salt, which irrevocably destroys shoes. The paths are sprinkled with fine granite crumbs, and specially passable places are heated.
What to see in Helsinki
The main attraction of Helsinki can be called the Senate Square. On it there is a majestic building of the Cathedral and the Senate, where the government sits.

Next to the Senate is the old University, on the corner of the Main University Library, where anyone can go to get acquainted with a rich collection of books.

Senate Square and Senate Building

In Moscow - Red Square, in St. Petersburg - Dvortsovaya, and the most visited place in the capital of Finland, perhaps, Senate Square, the main square in Helsinki.

 Senate building, Helsinki, Finland
In its center is the snow-white Cathedral, also known as the St. Nicholas Cathedral, which received its name in honor of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker.

The architectural complex of Senate Square also includes the building of the University of Helsinki, the Senate building and the monument to the All-Russian Alexander II, who, as is known, patronized Finland.

To hear the heartbeat of Finland, it's enough just to visit the Senaatintori Square named after the Senate building here - there's no better place to be found.

The Senate Square and the Senate Building - details of what is nearby, food ...

Cathedral of St. Nicholas or Cathedral

Senate Square in Helsinki, in the area of ​​Kruununhaka, is the starting point for a tourist going to see the sights of the Finnish capital.

 Cathedral of St. Nicholas, Helsinki, Finland
First of all, in this square, attracts the attention of the great Cathedral or St. Nicholas Cathedral. It is the main church of the Helsinki Diocese. The Cathedral towers above the sites of interest to tourists, such as: Senate building, Helsinki University, a monument to Alexander II

The big cathedral or the cathedral of St. Nicholas - details, what to see next, food ...

Church in the Rock

Having looked at the main sights, the Senate Square, a tourist walking through Helsinki, will necessarily want more. Therefore, the best place to visit, which is the Church in the rock is not found.

 Church in the Rock -Tempeliaukio, Helsinki, Finland
This is one of the most unique places in the capital of Finland, surprising with its grandeur and monumentality.
For many years, Temppeliaukio (the Church in the Rock) has attracted travelers from all over the world. Here you can also enjoy organ music.

After seeing this church, the tourist can go to the area of ​​Töölö, located just a short distance away.

This area is famous for its unique architecture, an abundance of squares and parks that pleases the eye.

Church in the Rock (Temppeliaukio) - more information about what is nearby, map ...

Monument to Jan Sibelius

After visiting the "Church in the Rock", you can go to another no less interesting, especially since it's only about a kilometer away - it's a monument to Jan Sibelius. It is noteworthy that you can not only look at this monument, but also listen!

 Monument to the composer Jan Sibelius, Helsinki, Finland
Monument to Ian Sibelius - details of what to see next ...

Suomenlinna or the Sveaborg Fortress

Not far from Helsinki, on the islands there is a bastion system of fortifications of Suomenlinna that in translation into Russian means "Finnish fortress". It is necessary to visit this landmark, built in 1748 and was an important maritime fortification.

 The fortress of Suomenlinna, Finland
On the territory of Sveaborg there are interesting museums, beautiful architectural buildings and a walking park. Also in the fortress there is a prison building and the most spacious Finnish sauna.

Suomenlinna or the fortress of Svea

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