Naantali - Finland

Cozy Naantali, immersed in greenery, is one of the oldest cities in Finland ...

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The name of the city translates as "valley of mercy". The name is connected with the fact that the city was formed around a church that was once built by the monks of the Order of Saint Brigid.

The colorful nature of Naantali is one of the reasons why the city is considered one of the main tourist centers of the country.

Naantali - Finland Naantali - Finland

Even the president of Finland himself has chosen this amazing place for his summer residence.
The majestic granite of rocks and boulders, abundantly overgrown with pines and spruces, rugged coastline, islands occupied by reeds, and a huge amount of rosehip, the smell of which has permeated the town through - this is what immediately catches the eye when you first visit Naantali.


The main attraction of Naantali is the magical island of Moumi-Trolls, which attracts tourists from all over the world. This is a completely separate reality, where, in the valleys heated by the harsh northern sun, the characters of Tove Jansson live.

Everything that is somehow mentioned in the books of the great writer is reproduced here to the smallest details. For example, you can walk around the most real Muumi-house, type on a Muumi-papa typewriter or try on a Wizard's hat.

   Moomin Troll Park - Naantali - Finland

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This striking piece of fairy tales will delight not only children, but also their parents. And, of course, this tourist center has not done without a huge number of spa resorts scattered along the rugged coast, health complexes and a large number of museum sites.

Pale green Naantali - an ideal place for a family holiday.


Useful information about the city

The city was founded in 1443

The area of the city is 688.01 km²

Population as of 2011 - 18,832 people


The coordinates of the city and its location on the map of Finland

GPS coordinates - 60.468056, 22.026389

How to get to the city - more on the page about Mumitrolly

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