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Hello, dear guests!

I was born in resplendent St. Petersburg, and grew up in wonderful Riga.
After graduating from a technical college, I tried many professions, until finally, having received an appropriate education, I became a certified guide.

I'd like to tell you about my beloved city and show it from the most interesting side. Walking through the Old Riga, you will plunge into the Middle Ages, I will walk you through the narrow streets that remember the German, Swedish and Russian times. Riga is simply fascinating with its versatility, baffles historians, archaeologists and architects, makes you think about the sharp turns of fate.

But we wouldn’t get into any corners of Riga, you will be comfortable in this cozy, sweet and hospitable city on Dvina. This is a very harmonious city with a rare sense of peace and quiet joy. In Riga, you can not drive excursions at the pace of the march, walking here, waltzing and circling.

I organize individual and group excursions in Latvia, answer all your questions regarding your holiday in our country.

Welcome to the beautiful Riga!

My contact details:

Latvia, Riga - Alexandra Neylande

tel. +371 28816625


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I am an indigenous rizhanka and I love my beautiful city very much.

I have a higher education, in Moscow I graduated from the Institute of Textile and Light Industry, and in Riga, the Latvian State University (Faculty of Economics).

At the Academy of Culture I studied Scandinavian languages ​​(Norwegian, Swedish), I speak German.

She worked in a travel company for six years.

I organize individual and group tours not only in Latvia, but also in Lithuania and Estonia, and also provide transfer services which include (meeting of customers at the airport, railway station or port). Transfer is offered for both large groups of up to 40 people and individual.

If you wish, we will meet you at the airport, train station or bus station and transfer you to the hotel, as well as provide transportation services if you wish (transfer, possibly accompanied by a guide).

I offer you all kinds of thematic tours of the city of Riga: evening and night, as well as excursions to interesting historical districts of Riga - Moscow suburb, Sarkandaugava - "Red Dvina", Mezhapark - "Forest Park", Soviet Riga.

Traveling in Latvia: Kuldīga, Sabile, Cēsis, Jelgava, Ventspils ...

We offer trips on a comfortable bus with a guide to Vilnius, Tallinn ...

Orders for the tour are negotiated by e-mail or by the specified phone numbers.

I work without intermediaries, which favorably affects the cost of the tour!


  • Meeting point - the lobby of your hotel

  • Payment is made to the guide on site

  • Guided tour price - negotiable


My contact details:

Latvia, Riga - Tatiana Berga

mobile phone +371 29704843


Skype: tatjana.berga - (Riga)

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Alexandra Neylande - guide in Riga
Tatyana Berga - guide in Riga

Latvia - country information

Latvia - State flag and coat of arms, territory and geography, administrative structure, population, sights and cities ...

Latvia - Riga

The official name of the country is the Republic of Latvia.

Latvia - a unitary state, a parliamentary republic, has a developed agriculture and animal husbandry.

State located in northern Europe.

Member of the European Union since 2004. NATO member.

The capital of Latvia is Riga

National flag of the Republic of Latvia

The national flag of Latvia

The national flag of Latvia is a rectangular panel of three horizontal stripes of various sizes of carmine-red, white and carmine-red.

State Emblem of Latvia

  State Emblem of Latvia

It is a shield at the top of which is depicted the rising sun on a blue background.

The lower part of the shield is divided into two parts. On the left side a red lion is depicted on a silver background, on the right side a silver griffin is depicted on a red background.

Official currency

Since the beginning of 2014, Latvia has moved to the Euro.


Latvia's population

The population is 1,997,500 people (as of 2014).


The main language is Latvian, but Russian is also widely used.

Administration of the Republic of Latvia

Latvia has 110 territories and 9 republican cities (Riga, Daugavpils, Liepaja, Jelgava, Jurmala, Ventspils, Rezekne, Valmiera, Jekabpils). According to the constitution, Latvia is divided into historical areas such as: Vidzeme, Latgale, Kurzeme, Zemgale

Map of Latvia

Map of Latvia

Territory and geography

The territory of Latvia is 64,589 km², washed by the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Riga along the coastline of 531 km.


Climate in Latvia

The climate is transitional from maritime to continental, significant precipitation brings wind from the southwest. Summer is often cool and rainy, the driest month is May.

The average temperature in July:

• 15 - 17 °

Average winter temperature:

• -3-10 °

Rest in Latvia

Latvia attracts tourists with its beauty, endless fields and forests, medieval old Riga, golden sand and beautiful beaches of Jurmala.


Latvian national cuisine

Cities of Latvia

Riga          Daugavpils


Riga - Latvia

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