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Welcome to my page!

My name is Elena. I was born and grew up in the wonderful city - St. Petersburg and at one day started tour there. And till now I can not stop).

I am an accredited guide in St. Petersburg and have all the necessary licenses to work in the museums of the city. I arrange excursions in Russian and English. I speak a little Spanish too.

I try to make my excursions fascinating, positive and understandable. Without unnecessary dates and surnames. Interestingly, truthfully and with humor. I easily find a common language with children of different ages, I will be happy to see you with the whole family.

I do excursions in different formats on all types of transport. I am pleased to work on my car Toyota Rav4. I will provide, if necessary, children's chairs of the appropriate age category.

I am ready to develop a tour according to your wishes. Always glad to consult on accommodation, meals, transport, entertainment.

My contact details:

My excursions:

  • Sightseeing tour

  • Hermitage

  • Peterhof

  • Tsarskoe Selo

  • Jewish St. Petersburg

  • Kronstadt

  • Peterhof + Oranienbaum + Kronstadt

  • Rivers and canals

  • Night Petersburg

  • Courtyards and ceremonial St. Petersburg

  • Russian Museum

  • Petersburg for children

  • Wedding Excursions

  • Mystical Petersburg

  • Gatchina

  • Pavlovsk
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Zaretskaya Elena - guide in St. Petersburg

Pavlovsk Palace - St. Petersburg, Russia

Pavlovsk is a wonderful place not far from St. Petersburg, it attracts tourists and residents of Northern Palmyra in any season. There are no noisy amusements and attractions - this is a purely historical place, it seems that everything here is saturated with history. It feels like they once lived here, strolled about the park, as if there was something elusive in the district ...

Pavlovsk Palace, St. Petersburg, Russia
Pavlovsk - the famous palace and park ensemble of the late XVIII - early XIX centuries, which is located in the modern suburb of the Northern capital.

The center of the ensemble is Pavlovsky Palace, which served as the summer residence of Paul I. Around the palace and along the banks of the river Slavyanka there is a park of 600 hectares, which makes it one of the largest parks in Europe.

Pavlovsk Palace, St. Petersburg, Russia

Walking along the complex is best to start from the palace. It was built in 82 year of the XVIII century by the project of the architect from Scotland, Charles Cameron. In comparison with Ekaterininsky, from appearance, the Pavlovsky Palace looks rather modest, after all it was built not for the imperial residence, but for the grand prince's (14 years until the reign of Paul I).

By internal chambers, one can judge not so much of the wealth of the owners, but rather of the exquisite and refined taste of Maria Feodorovna and Pavel Petrovich.

Pavlovsk Palace, St. Petersburg, Russia

All the collections of the Pavlovsky Palace are associated with the European journey of the imperial family in 1781-1782. In this period family brought paintings, porcelain sets, furniture, fabrics, antique sculptures and many other generous gifts from the kings of Europe.

The scheme of the building is like a homestead in the Russian style: the colonnade is adjacent to the central building. The lobby of the palace is decorated with Egyptian statues. The main facade is framed by outbuildings and galleries surrounding the front yard.

Pavlovsk Palace, St. Petersburg, Russia

Pavlovsky Palace looks like the horseshoe. In the center of the courtyard in 1872, a monument to Paul I was built. The general composition resembles the square in front of the Versailles palace with the monument to Louis IV.

From the palace interiors attention is drawn to the Greek and Italian halls. Greek Hall, was created by A. Voronikhin and V. Brenna, and this name was given to it because of the decorations in the antique spirit: marble statues in niches, columns, lamps hanging on chains between the columns.

Pavlovsk Palace, St. Petersburg, Russia

The Italian hall, with a dome light, was designed by Cameron himself, but was made by V. Brenna, and later A. Voronikhin. In the hall there is an antique marble sculpture. The picture gallery deserves attention. This hall is a tradition of the 18th century, when such galleries were an integral part of Russian palaces. The Picture Gallery includes paintings by Dutch and Italian masters.

Great Hall can surprise you by its size. Its area is 400 square meters. Initially, it was supposed to be served as a ceremonial dining room, but later the imperial throne was placed in it, so the hall became - the Throne hall. The height and size of the hall are emphasized by a plafond, decorated with paintings, on which the colonnade goes to the sky. Pavlovsk Park has been famous since its creation as one of the best landscape parks in the world. The reason for the uniqueness of the park is the surprisingly accurate proportionality of architectural structures and landscapes.

Other researchers believe that the key to success is a competent choice of location for the park - a hilly, non-contrast landscape by the Slavyanka River. he many turns of this river and the different heights of the banks made it possible to harmoniously enter the strict and classical structures into the surrounding nature. During the occupation, the Germans stole a lot of exhibits, and the palace itself was set on fire.

And only in 1957 several rooms were restored and opened for a visit, in 1978 the restoration was completed. Today you can visit 45 palace halls.

Address and coordinates

The State Museum-Reserve "Pavlovsk" is located at:
Russia, 196621, St. Petersburg, Pavlovsk, Sadovaya St., 20

GPS coordinates:

N59.685776, E30.453559

How to get there:

By train:

from Vitebsk railway station to the railway station "Pavlovsk" (Pavlovsk railway station)

from the railway station "Kupchino" to the railway station "Pavlovsk" (Pavlovsk railway station)

On a fixed-route taxi:

from the metro station "Moskovskaya"
No. 299 to the Pavlovsk Palace
No. 545 to Pavlovskiy railway station

from the metro station "Zvezdnaya"
No. 363 to Pavlovskiy railway station

Pavlovsky Palace on the map

Opening hours

Pavlovsk park: daily from 06:00 to 21:00.

Opening hours of the Pavlovsk Palace:

Open from 10:00 to 18:00.

The office hours are from 10:00 to 17:00.

The entrance to the Pavlovsk Palace closes at 17:15

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