Note for the Customer: Why Should One Engage the Architectural and Planning Agency?

The usual customer’s answer is the difference in price, since the specialist’s efforts should be paid. In fact, higher cost is explainable.

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What is the difference between the standard design and individual solution for certain building? The usual customer’s answer is the difference in price, since the specialist’s efforts should be paid. In fact, higher cost is explainable.

Apart from that non-standard building will be favourably compared with the surrounding ones in design, comply with the law, the specialists from the architectural and planning agency yet at the design stage make sure that a future business centre, residential complex, public building, administrative building to be:

  • Profitable. When preparing a design, not only the peculiarities of site and number of premises/utilities, but also infrastructure, behavioural factor of potential buyers, visitors and landlords are taken into account. The properly designed real estate has more rapid payback. The design stage also reveals whether the scheduled budget is enough for construction or some expectations are to be eliminated.

  • Comfortable. Each target audience has its own comfort zone. For the businessmen it means a convenient road junction, guarded parking, conference halls and trouble-free office equipment. For the families it means the availability of kindergartens, schools, super markets and public transport at hand. For the hotel visitors it means the comfortable rooms and good servicing. The professional architect is a good psychologist, who elaborates the exterior and interior design taking into account the specific features of future residents, employees.

  • Safe. The employees of the architectural agency assess the climate conditions, type of soil at the site, seismic activity, location of the objects near the construction site, preventing the adverse consequences when operating the building.

  • plans his/her expenditures in advance. A design is required to make out an approximate estimate. Even skilled designers could not calculate the consumption of materials and time expenditures for construction without specifications. As result, the force majeure events arise: concrete is finished, there are not any materials for roofing or finishing. The completion period is delayed; the customer has to continuously add cash for the unforeseen expenditures and is not able to plan the expenditures.

  • complies with a language of law. When erecting the large-scale buildings, the process is regulated by the City Planning Code, but not the customer. The hotels, residential complexes, business centres are the crowded areas, so if you have no safety proof, you could not obtain a permit for operation. The architectural agency, yet at the design stage, takes into consideration the safety factors, having regard to regulated norms, thus releasing the customer from settlement of the issues with the regulatory authorities.

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