Cryptocurrency payment service and plastic cards

Gradually, cash goes out of circulation, and plastic cards replace it. To make it easier for a user to control their funds and manipulate them, payment services have been developed.

Plastic bank cards
Technologies are developing, so the number of offers is expanding. For example, the CETAN company offers users to buy and pay for purchases with cryptocurrency, and all this is available in just one app.

What are the advantages of using the app and plastic cards?

Attention to cryptocurrency is increasing in the financial services sector. Therefore, banks began to connect with the system to transform transfers using the blockchain. The applications that are created in this way have the following advantages:

  1. You have permanent unlimited access to your accounts, transactions and remote banking services.

  2. For each of the trades selected the best available prices on the market.

  3. Unlimited exchange of cryptocurrencies.

  4. Simplified sending of crypto – only the recipient's phone number is required.

  5. Reduced Commission for Bank transfers – 1%.

  6. Loyalty programs and cash refunds are available.

As for cards, they have the following advantages:

  1. Unlimited use worldwide.

  2. High limits-up to $60,000 monthly.

  3. High level of privacy – no one will get access to your data due to the improved security system.

All these advantages can be offered by Cetan crypto banking with its online service. It is available anywhere in the world, where cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies are combined in a single platform, 49,000,000 stores are available worldwide, and there is a special solution for business – a loyalty program and attracting a loyal audience.

Integrating business solutions

The project offers participants special privileges that are not available to users of other services. This is especially true for business solutions, which are provided with:

  1. There are individual offers for payments on platforms that exist online and offline: restaurants, distance learning, payment services, distributors, etc.

  2. Among the online services, there is an accounting service that collects all information about money transactions.

  3. There is a common database of CTN coin holders, which additionally provides support for all products and services.

  4. Comprehensive support is provided to app holders and users.

Additionally, a privileged bonus program is provided for active users of the platform. It is called the CETAN Pool and during the token sale period from 600,000 to 1,000,000 CTN, a reward of 0.6% per day is awarded. For all holders, there is a referral program, the point of which is that users recommend tokens, and additional income will be accrued for this.

Please note! 15% of the platform commission is distributed through the referral program, and 5% of the profit from the payment service is burned.

Cryptocurrencies are literally ahead of the time they are in now. Therefore, specific resources are required that are ready to integrate with their capabilities. If Cetan can offer options for interacting with cryptocurrency in its multifunctional application, then the path for accepting the currency is already predetermined. So visit a company that will bring together the entire crypto universe in one app on your smartphone.

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