Rent a car in Kyiv from RentDrive: terms, available cars from the park

It is impossible to navigate around Kyiv quickly without your car. In most cases, public transport cannot fully cope with the tasks prescribed to it. In such situations, car rental from a reliable company comes in hand. According to clients, RentDrive service is the best option.

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Why customers trust RentDrive

The choice in favor of the represented company can be explained by several points. They include:

  • a big assortment of cars, including popular and reliable models of a different class from world manufacturers, represented in the park;

  • 24/7 available professional support on the road with the ability to quickly replace the car in case of unforeseen breakdowns;

  • extended insurance included in the rental price;

  • guaranteed well-timed car preparation for the seasonal operation.

If necessary, the company provides a car rental with additional services. It envisages a GPS-navigator of the latest version, a car equipped with child seats for different age groups, bringing up the vehicle to the specified address.

How to choose a car to rent

You can choose the class, make and model of the car in the catalog on the car rental company website. Cars there are presented in different categories. The 2018 Kia Rio from the budget group has a fuel consumption of 6.3 liters.

Despite the low price, the car is perfect for driving along the busy streets of the megalopolis. Its compact size, attractive design, interior with leather elements are only a part of this model's advantages. Volkswagen Polo is a worthy representative of the economy class. The machine manufactured in 2016, consumes about 5.8 liters of fuel, has 110 horsepower. The cabin has a climate control system and a modern on-board computer.

If you are interested in renting a middle-class car, you should pay attention to options such as Toyota Corolla, Skoda Octavia. Both cars have a recognizable appearance, the lowest operation life, fuel consumption in the range of 6.2-6.4 liters. The configuration includes cruise control, advanced climate control, seats heating.

For the fans of luxury cars, the company offers business-class models and even more expensive VIP-cars. The first includes the new Toyota Camry, the legendary Ford Mondeo, and the elegant Honda Accord. They combine improved comfort, increased security, convenient control. For true connoisseurs, car rental of VIP vehicles is of current importance. Mercedes and Bentley can be a reflection of wealth and high status. They are crammed with a wide variety of equipment, dressed in high-quality leather, are have high capacity.

There are other positions in the park, including off-road vehicles and electric cars. The former will appeal to lovers of country trips, the latter - to fans of environmentally friendly transport.

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