Car rental In Kyiv for tourists and locals

Car rental in Kyiv is a popular service useful for both tourists and locals. To obtain maximum benefits from it without spending extra money, you need to choose a proper rental company, and take into account several basic requirements for cooperation.

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Why you should reach a large company

It is better to rent a car in a large company because, as a rule, such companies' auto park usually includes new cars, exploitation of which does not exceed two years. The average mileage of a car is about 7,000 kilometers.

Low rental costs are not always beneficial for the client. It may be due to the restrictions on daily mileage. It constitutes 200 km per day but is calculated as the average for the entire period of use. You can pay more extra to get "unlimited mileage".

Additional services: when you need them

Rental companies' additional services include transfers, car equipment with a navigator, WI-FI, a baby seat. If there is no need in them, you can decline them. This will save you a decent amount of money.

You can easily replace a navigator with a modern smartphone. To access the Internet, you can use a mobile operator's services. There are many low-cost tariffs.

Additional phone apps will help you to quickly find a hotel, book a room, examine a map of the surroundings, and build a route.

The only thing you should not refuse is a child seat - a safety feature for transporting children. It is especially important to have it when planning long trips or travels.

An expensive or cheap car

There are only a few cases when you need a car rental of the VIP category or business class vehicles. These are business trips, accommodating the needs of a person with high status. An expensive car will be appropriate for a wedding procession. VIP cars means Mercedes-Benz S class, Audi Q7, BMW 7 series, Bentley Continental or even Mazeratti Quattroporte. You can choose anyone of these models and take it for rent without driver!

For touristic and business trips, it is better to prefer a budget line or middle-class sedan. Such autos are very popular. If the company runs out of them, there is a high opportunity to get a higher-ranking model for minimal money.

Important note! In car hire company RentDrive in Kyiv cars for rent are provided with a full tank. They must also be returned filled up. A lack of a quarter or half in the fuel tank will cost a pretty penny. The cost of fuel will be calculated at the maximum price.

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