City beaches of Sharjah and hotels with private beach

Love to sunbathe and swim in the sea? Then you should get acquainted with the hotels with their own beaches. Separately, I would also like to tell you about the city beaches in Sharjah.

Plunge into the cultural world of the Emirates can go on holiday in Sharjah. But before you fly to a warm country, you should find a hotel and book a room for the settlement.  To make it easier for you to choose a hotel, we will look at several popular holiday destinations and hotels.

Al Cornish City Beach


Here all the beaches are clean, neat, with a gentle bottom. There are city free ones, as well as those owned by hotels. Everyone can visit the latter, even those who do not live in a hotel. But for the entrance you will need to pay.

Let's look at popular beaches:

  1. Lou’Lou’a Beach Resort. This is a private beach that belongs to the hotel. He is paid. The waves here are small, as comfortable as possible. Sunset in the water smooth. The use of umbrellas and sun beds is included in the price, and for drinks and food you need to pay separately.

  2. Al-Corniche. This urban beach is close to the center. There are always a lot of people. The beach is clean with emerald water. Here you can rent a deck chair, buy water or food.

  3. Al Khan. One part of Al Khan beach is free, the other is paid. There are many opportunities for water sports.

  4. Al Montaz. The Al Montaz beach (previously called Al Jazeera) is located far from the center. In this place, tourists can enjoy the cleanest sea and nature. Near no cafes, shops.


Sheraton Sharjah Beach Resort and Spa
Next, consider hotels with private beaches:

  1. Sheraton Sharjah Beach Resort and Spa. The hotel is located 17 km from the local airport. The hotel offers apartments (349 rooms) with excellent living conditions and excellent service. Guests can make free use of everything they need for a beach holiday.

    Also, vacationers can visit the SPA center. The hotel has billiard tables and table tennis tables for those who want to pass the time while playing. For anyone who does not live in this hotel, the entrance to his beach is paid. The tourist will have to pay 24 dollars.

  2. Sahara Beach Resort & Spa. This five star hotel is located 9 km from the center of Sahara. Sun loungers are provided for all guests on the beach. Tourists can stay in comfortable rooms, as well as use the services of a fitness room. The hotel staff monitors the cleanliness of the rooms.

  3. The Act Hotel. The hotel is located in the center, 17 km from Dubai Airport. Hotel guests can use the outdoor pool and fitness center. For children there is a playground. Vacationers can enjoy free Wi-Fi.

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