The most popular tourist destinations this summer

Do you have any ideas on where to go for a summer vacation? Just imagine: beautiful sea, sparkling sun and gentle white sand. What can be as perfect as these pleasures of any good summer vacation?

Holiday-The Maldives Water Pool

Some would say that any active trip with hiking and camping is a great opportunity to collect the best impressions. Others prefer learning about other countries’ cuisine, history and culture. Finally, you might want to just travel with your family and start introducing your kids to our beautiful world.

As you can see, there are many travel ideas that you definitely can think about. However, if you have got nothing planned, do not worry! We have selected top destinations for your simmer journey that you’ll be eager to visit from now on.

Beijing: Where to go when It’s hot!

Western travelers haven’t yet fully discovered China as a trip destination. It means that you might also overlook the amazing experiences that await you in this country. For instance, Beijing is a new capital of nightlife, gastronomy and historic knowledge. This summer is the best time to visit Beijing. In the northern capital of China, summer is very hot and humid, which can feel challenging for those who are accustomed to a mild climate. Before going to Beijing, you should consider that the temperature outside the city is several degrees lower than in the metropolis. No wonder the emperors built their summer residences and parks outside Beijing. Henceforth, you’ll be feeling much better if you stay overnight in the suburbs of Beijing or even in the neighbor town.

So, where you can go when it’s hot? First of all, we recommend you visiting the protected area of ​​Shidu, which will surely amaze you with its unspeakable beauty. You are welcome to enjoy forests, river valley, and mountains. Since the park is 80 km away from the metropolis, the air is clean, the nature is unspoiled, and the riverside is very cool and refreshing which is exactly what you need. In Shidu, there are many water sport activities for tourists, so you’ll always be entertained.

Then, of course, be sure to visit the Summer Palace, which is one of the most famous sights of Beijing. This vast ensemble of lakes and gardens will satisfy you with its beauty and freshness. Another wonderful place for a summer holiday is the Beijing Botanical Garden. You can visit it after Summer Palace as they are located close to each other. In Beijing Botanical Garden, be sure to cool down by the river and enjoy your Chinese experience. See our list of Top hotels in beijing

Traveling to Maldives: Heaven on еarth

The second most popular summer destination is the Maldives. Sure, there’s not even a single tourist that wouldn’t be dreaming of visiting this heavenly place. Romance and love, luxury and richness of any moment spent here – this is exactly what describes the Maldives.

In summer, there are fewer tourists in the Maldives as the tropical rains dominate the weather. Rainy season starts in May and ends in October. As a rule, no rain lasts long, but strong waves and storm winds can be quite uncomfortable. The most challenging weather can be expected from mid-July to early August. But there is a huge bonus: non-seasonal vacation in the Maldives will have a very attractive price.

The Maldives have no spectacular architecture, notable historical monuments or must-see cultural events. People don’t come here for cultural or educational recreation. On the contrary, the Maldives matches those who want lazy relaxation in a tropical paradise. Here, you disconnect from the concerns of the outside world. While visiting the Maldives, you’ll learn the luxury of intimate closeness with your inner world and thoughts. See our list of Top hotels in Maldives

As you can see, the popular destinations for summer holidays are very different from each other. In Beijing, you can get to know Chinese culture, enjoy historic buildings and try cuisines from all over the world. In contrast, in the Maldives, you can completely disconnect from your daily problems, take dips in warm water every day and sunbathe on the shore. Here, you will feel like a Maldivian deity that lives in the tropics – in short, happy and carefree. What summer vacations do you like the best? We hope that you’ve found a destination to your taste and already started planning your next trip!

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