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Previously, Napoleon Bonaparte, who was not so well known at the time, liked to drop in here. Once he could not pay for food - just forgot the money at home.

The owner shouted and continued to press. In response, Napoleon removed his hat from his head and handed it to the owner of the establishment, saying that soon it would cost much more. The young man put out the door. Now the cocked hat is kept in the restaurant and was insured for a large amount.

The Procope, the oldest cafe in Paris in the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Prés

The legendary restaurant in the 6th arrondissement of Paris since 1686 is a place with a rich history, where the greatest writers and intellectuals gathered (Rousseau, Didrot, Verlaine ...)

The Procope offers traditional bourgeois cuisine with a variety of specialties, such as a rooster with wine and calf head, braised beef cheek, homemade milofol or traditional tiramisu.

How to find a cafe:

Address - Rue de l'Ancienne Comédie, 13, 6th arrondissement of Paris, Paris, France

Coordinates: 48.853058, 2.338849

On foot 100m, from the metro station Odéon.

Cafe opening hours:

Monday - Wednesday 12: 00 - 00: 00
Thursday - Saturday 12: 00 - 01: 00
Sunday 12:00 - 00:00


tel +33 1 01 40 46 79 00
official site -

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Cafe - Le Procope - Paris, France

Eiffel Tower, the most recognizable symbol of France

The history of the construction of the tower, useful information - coordinates, how to get there, metro and bus stops, map of the nearest parking lots ...

The Eiffel Tower - Paris,France

As you know, the modern name of the tower was due to the architect Eiffel, who called it simply "three-meter tower."

Actually engineers Morim Koechlin and Emil Nougir worked on the project. They won the competition that preceded the World Exhibition held in France in Paris in 1889.

The tower was created fairly quickly, after 26 months, Eiffel invited the most hardy officials to overcome the 1712 steps to the top of the tower. During construction, the Parisians watched with admiration as the tower grew.

The Eiffel Tower - Paris,France

However, not everyone agreed with its construction. In 1898, the City Hall of Paris received a petition of 300 artists (including Alexander Dumas son and Guy de Maupassant) with a request to stop the construction of a “non-artistic”, “black pipe-like” tower.

However, the petition was ignored, and the tower, which was planned to be dismantled 20 years after the exhibition, was saved by the efforts of Eiffel. Maupassant later often dined on her first floor, explaining that this is the only place in the city where you can not see the hated tower.

The Eiffel Tower - Paris,France

Over the years, the tower served a variety of functions. There was a meteorological laboratory. It was used for experiments with the wireless telegraph. In 1914, the German ciphering was intercepted from there, thanks to which the French counteroffensive on Marne was launched.

And, of course, many interesting stories are connected with the tower. For example, before Hitler arrived in occupied Paris, the elevator suddenly stopped working, and a couple of hours after the liberation of Paris, the Allies came into full repair.

In addition, the Eiffel Tower is very lucky. When it became clear to the German command that Paris would be surrendered, General Von Holtitz was ordered to blow up the tower and other sights of Paris, but he did not obey.

Over the past century, the Eiffel Tower was "put into scrap metal" about 20 times (7,500 tons of iron were used during construction). For example, David Zems, an English greengrocer, obtained fake documents, according to which he was an attorney in Paris for handing over a tower to the scrap of a large company, and received a huge loan. However, soon the fraudster was detained, and the company was left without money.

It was from the Eiffel Tower that the Austrian tailor Franz Reichelt made his first and last parachute jump.

Since its opening, the Eiffel Tower has been visited by about 250 million people. The flow of tourists is not decreasing today. Inside there is a banquet hall, two restaurants and several buffets, and from the last floor there is television and radio broadcasting. In winter, a skating rink is flooded on the lower span of the tower. And, of course, one cannot mention the breathtaking view of Paris from a bird's-eye view.

Useful information for the tourist


Avenue Anatole-France, 5, VII arrondissement of Paris, Paris, France
GPS - 48.858356, 2.294187

You can buy tickets and find out the schedule on the official website

How to get there

The Eiffel Tower can be reached by public transport and car.


nearest stations

9-line - Trocadero - 16 minutes walk
6-line - Bir-Hakeim - 10 minutes walk
8-line - Ecole militare - 15 minutes walk

See the Paris Metro map here>>


82 route to the stop - Eiffel Tower
42 route to stop - Eifel
72 route to the stop -Eiffel Tower

By car, you can park in one of the three nearest parking lots located no further than 300 metroh from the Efele Tower.

Pullman Tour Eiffel - 5 minutes walking Parking spaces near the Eiffel Tower

Avenue Joseph Bouvard - 6 minutes walk

2 Place Joffre 75007 - 12 minutes walk

Eiffel Tower on a map of Paris

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