Fabulous facts from the life of Santa Claus

Santa Claus was born a long time ago in Lapland near the Korvatunturi Mountains, which means three ears in Finnish ...

Santa Claus
It happened so long ago that when they asked Santa to calculate how old he really was, he replied that when he starts counting, somewhere between 400 and 500, he always falls asleep.

The place of his birth is not accidental, because the mountain with the name “three ears” is the ears of the Earth, and it was here that Santa received his unique gift to hear the desires of all children.

The fabulous dwarves live inside the mountain, they take desires, write them down, sort them, and then pass them on to Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus.

Who is Mrs. Klaus?

This is his wife, she helps with the housework, keeps order, for the elves, so that they correctly pack the gifts. Mrs. Klaus Santa is familiar for so long that he remembers about this period only that then the first fells only began to appear in Lapland.

The mistress of this magic mountain can bake amazingly delicious Christmas treats - gingerbread, cook Santa's favorite porridge and make warming mulled wine and grog.

What makes the northern lights?

The amazing Fox lives on the mountain, which, it turns out, works for Santa Claus as a liaison between him and the gnomes, elves, and deer.

When someone from the inhabitants of the mountain urgently needs to communicate with each other, they are called Fox by a special whistle, she runs and sweeps snow from her tail, billowing high into the sky. So the northern lights appear in the sky.

How tall is Santa Claus?

Few people know that Santa's height changes depending on what he does.

If he talks with children, he becomes a little higher than them, and if he looks out on the horizon for his faithful deer carrying sleds, he increases to the height of the house.

One managed to establish exactly that Santa Claus is somewhere between the dwarf and below the oldest fir that grows on his mountain.

Also, disputes over the length of the beard have been going on for a long time, the last elf who measured her counted only 3 cubits, whereas the gnome got as much as 12.

What does Santa Claus do?

But everyone knows what Santa Claus is doing in his free time - in the summer. He walks through the meadows and mountains, gathers mushrooms, berries, fishes, helps the dwarfs at the gold mine.

But when the end of December comes, Santa Claus has so many worries and troubles that he cannot afford to rest even for a few minutes.

Everyone wonders how he manages to congratulate all the children on Christmas. The secret of it is simple, firstly, it is time zones, it should fly around all the children in one night, but in fact this night lasts 24 hours.

And secondly, - this is a magic sleigh. They are made according to the old secrets of the Finnish masters, who in turn learned such fine work from beavers. And, of course, deer, specially trained in flight schools.

They can only fly at Christmas when the spirit of magic is in the air. The rest of the time they graze in the lush meadows of the Finnish mountains.

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