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Russian Federation – National flag and blazon, territory and geography, administrative arrangement. Sights. Population and cities…

Officinal name of the country – Russian Federation.

Along with other former republics, Russia is the assignee of the USSR.

Russia has ancient and rich history, but only during Peter I rule at 1721 it was named as Russian Empire.

National flag of Russian Federation

National Flag of the Russian Federation

The National Flag of the Russian Federation on a rectangular canvas there are 3 horizontal stripes.

National flag has 3 colors

Top stripe – white

Middle stripe – blue

Bottom stripe – red

National blazon of Russian Federation

National blazon of Russian Federation
Blazon looks like a red rectangular shield with rounded bottom corners.

On the shield there is a double-headed eagle with raised wings

Heads of eagles have crowns, and one big crown is located at the middle above them.

In hands of eagle there are symbols of royalty. At the right hand-scepter. At the left hand-orb.

Red shield with horse rider who is killing a snake protects chest of the eagle

Symbol or symbol of the Russian ruble
Official currency Russian Ruble

Administrative arrangement of Russian Federation

Russian Federation includes

85 – subjects
46 – of subjects named regions
22 – republics
9 – areas
3 – Cities of federal importance
4 - autonomous counties and 1 - autonomous region

Territory and geography

Russia has the biggest area in the world.

Russia has an area of 17 125 187 km2. Russian Federation can be compared in size only with some continent.

Russian population

Population - 143 666 931 human (information of 2014 ) Russian Federation is a multinational country.

There are about 180 different folks in Russia.

Capital of Russia

Moscow is main political and administrative city of Russian Federation. Moscow is autonomous subject of federation in status of a federal important city.

Cities of Russia

Moscow     St. Petersburg    Velikiy Novgorod     Pskov

Sights of Russia

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Russia has richest cultural heritage and a century-old history.

Country attracts travelers from all around the world with its monuments of history, architecture and culture.

Perhaps every city has places that could be interesting for a traveler. Lots of Russian sights are included to UNESCO list.

Moscow is a tourist centre. City is famous all around the world for its Red square, The Cathedral of St. Basil the Blessed, monument to Minin and Pozharsky,  mausoleum.

Also tourists are attracted by The Annunciation Cathedral, the Faceted Chamber, the Assumption Cathedral and, of course, the Archangel Cathedral with burials of Russian princes and kings etc. Also tourists are usually exited by sights of Saint-Petersburg.

Central part of the second Russian capital has such sights as : Palace Square with the Winter Palace, in which the famous Hermitage Museum functions. The most famous churches and cathedrals of St. Petersburg: Nikolsky, Kazan, Spas-on-Blood, Isaakievsky, Alexander Nevsky Lavra. Tourists also visit: Russian Museum, Kunstkamera, Pushkin Museum and others.

Also St-Petersburg is famous for its adjustable bridges and «White» nights. Every visitor of Russia has to see cities of a Golden Ring. All those cities present unique example of ancient Slav culture and architecture. This rout also shows tourists with a huge amount of churches and monasteries.

To Karelian republic tourists are going for its famous outside museum on island Kizhi. Here you can see unique churches that don’t look as classical ones. At Volgograd tourists give their attention to memorial complex «Mamaev Kurgan» with its monument – Motherland and panorama of Stalingrad battle.

Arkhangelsk is famous for its museums of native art, carpenters and art. Pinezhskiy reserve museum-reserve on Solovetskiy Islands of the White Sea is located near Arkhangelsk.

Often tourists that are found of mountain climbing visit mountain Elbrus.
On the area of Russia there are more than 100 reserves and national parks with beautiful views.
Its always pleasures to visit Russian cities because of cordiality and extraordinary affability of the local population.

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