What you need to know about plastic windows?

You have decided to replace the old windows, do not know how to choose in a huge number of proposed options and modifications of window products. What is the glass unit? Consider the main points in the choice of plastic windows ...

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Now you will not surprise anyone with plastic windows installed in the house.

And yet, it turns out that double-glazed windows have different technical characteristics, and when ordering new windows to your house, you need to know the differences in these products, to make the right choice in the future and it is possible to save a sufficient amount of money without overpaying for not desired options.

Properties of a double-glazed window

The biggest advantage of a plastic window is heat saving, and of course a big plus is good sound insulation.

When choosing a window, you need to know about some of the nuances in the quality and assembly of the glass unit, which can negatively or positively affect the indoor climate.

The combination of certain conditions and rules sustained during the production of a glass unit affects the quality, and accordingly, the insulation and thermal conductivity of a glass unit can be different. Also, not unimportant factor when choosing a glass unit is the presence of free air exchange.

Double glazing construction

A glass unit is a construction of two or more glasses, between which there is air or an inert gas. Glasses used in the package can be ordinary or energy-saving, polished and tinted with metal oxides, this glass has the best heat and sound insulation performance.

Glasses, through a distance profile allowing to observe a uniform gap, are hermetically interconnected with a special sealant. This design ensures the tightness of the space between the panes, which prevents the passage of humid air, and accordingly prevents the panes from misting and icing.
When installing the glass in the frame, rubber seals are used, due to which the best tightness and fit of the glass to the frame are achieved.

In climatic conditions with a predominance of cold winters and short summers, it is preferable to install not one, but double-glazed windows.

Profile construction

Just like a glass unit with a different number of cameras, the profile itself also has cameras inside it. The chambers, in the frame body, are hidden and disconnected cavities, inside of which there is air, a warmer profile has a greater number of chambers, and accordingly a greater thickness.

Not unimportant factor is the presence of metal amplifiers inside the plastic profile, thanks to the amplifiers achieved greater strength and durability of the structure.

It is necessary to pay attention to the quality of the locking hardware, the latter plays an important role in the window's functionality - how it will open, close and whether the leaf will fit snugly to the frame, because it determines the durability of the glass unit. Therefore, fittings is one of the most important components.

You should not forget that even a high-quality double-glazed window may lose its advantages, due to improper installation, which includes installation of slopes and windowsill.

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