Indoor lighting, light zoning

To achieve comfort in the house, it is impossible without well-thought-out lighting. When entering a new dwelling or repairing an old one, a premeditated lighting solution and equipping necessary places with sources of light will save you in the future from inconveniences and extra expenses ...

loft style lighting
Not covered with a sharp light falling from above, creates an uncomfortable feeling, it can cause irritation and give sharp shadows.

Much quieter than the soft, diffused light passing through the filter lamp shades, floor lamps, ceiling lamps from different materials that reduce light transmission.

Properly installed light in the room creates coziness and comfort, if the lighting spares the eyes, there is less fatigue and irritability in general.

When doing cleaning or needlework, reading books or watching TV, for all kinds of activities and activities, you need lighting in accordance with its purpose.

Lighting in the hallway

In most modern apartments, the hallway area is not large and most likely has no windows, in the absence of proper lighting, the hallway may seem even smaller.

In the hallway you need to have a bright general lighting: a spotlight in the ceiling, a ceiling light or a hanging lamp, as well as a wall lamp near the mirror, preferably on both sides and approximately at the level of the head.

Placing the light source directly above the mirror is wrong, since the rays falling from the top distort the appearance and create shadows on the face, and visibility deteriorates.

Lighting in the common or living room

In the common room, it is desirable to have a general lighting (near the ceiling) and a special (floor lamp, sconce, lamp, table lamp); all lamps.
Special lighting is necessary for reading, working, eating, etc.

For illumination of the working area and the recreation area, pendant or wall lamps with brackets or floor lamps with one or more bulbs are good.

To illuminate the dining table, you can use the ceiling lights hanging down. Table lighting should be complete, it is desirable to place the light sources in such a way that the light does not get into the eyes of the people sitting at the table.

Conveniently local lighting, the so-called light zoning, light zoning makes only the desired part of the room bright and bright, leaving the rest of the space obscured.

With the help of lamps on movable brackets you can light up the workplace - a desk, a drawing board, a sewing machine - and not interfere with other family members.

Bedroom lighting

In the bedroom, by passing the main lighting, it is desirable to have a separate light near the bed, which can be controlled without getting out of bed, it is also desirable to have separate lighting near the dressing table.

Place the light near the bed in such a way that it is located above the head or on the side of the reader's head.

In this regard, lamps with bending hinges are convenient, as they allow you to adjust the direction of the light when reading in one position or another. The ceiling lamp of the wall lamp must be opaque, since the switched on light may interfere with the rest of other family members.

At the dresser, the lighting needs to be two-sided on both sides of the mirror, so that the light source is at the level of the person’s head in a sitting state, the light at the dresser should be soft, slightly diffused white or matte.

Lighting in the nursery

In the nursery, along with the general lighting, it is necessary to have a special one, located directly above the desk and a place reserved for games, as well as a night light in a place to sleep.

In rooms for children, any lights, switches, sockets and electrical wires should be placed in places inaccessible to children.

It is better to use wire wiring, if it is not possible, then the wires should be laid in special cable channels, it is better to use sockets with special blinds, it is much more difficult for a child to insert foreign objects into such an outlet.

In children it is not advisable to have table lamps, the fall of which can cause an accident. Above the child’s writing desk, on the left side, it is best to install a lamp that can be adjusted in height and angle of inclination; the light in the desk lamp should be bright, but at the same time it should not blind the child reflected from notebooks and textbooks. When using energy-saving lamps, it is advisable to choose a warm glow.

The lighting of the children's room should be moderately bright and uniform without a sharp transition from light to shade.

Lighting in the kitchen

In the kitchen, along with the general lighting, it is recommended to provide light above the workplace of the hostess. Lighting the working areas of the kitchen, it is necessary to make a separate table, stove, sink, everywhere you need your own, preferably directional light.

Fluorescent lamps or energy-saving lamps with a cold glow can give products a pale, unappetizing look.

Bathroom lighting

The bathroom is usually installed the upper ceiling, giving light to the entire room, rarely there is a regular side lighting (wall) near the sink with a mirror.

Here you can use incandescent and fluorescent lamps (energy saving). If you have a suspended ceiling, hidden spotlights are suitable, with the proper arrangement of which you can achieve good bright lighting and no shadows.

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