Apartment renovation, where to start?

Sometimes, looking at the walls and ceiling in your home, you notice that the ceiling is no longer snow-white, and the wallpaper has faded in the sun and has not had a fresh look for a long time. After these thoughts, the thought involuntarily comes, is it time to make repairs, and in parallel with it is another, and how to start repairs in the apartment? Who will do? Or do it yourself? ...

Repair indoors, brushes and paints
In any undertaking, an important role is played by the financial component, but still, the main impetus to the beginning of actions should not be a financial state, but a mental one.

After all, the very desire to change something, to do better, not to be afraid of the new, and perhaps even try to surprise someone with your work, can lead you to new discoveries in the end result, and the desire to create further.

And if you have such a desire, then you can safely begin, without fear that the case will stand somewhere half way.

The decision is made to be repaired!

How to start an apartment renovation? The first thing that comes to mind is to go and buy wallpaper.

And then run, we rush to the shops in search of wallpaper. Wallpaper will certainly be needed, but for first, you need to decide who and how will do the repair.

Who will do the repair?

Maybe you decide to do everything yourself, or plan to attract hired power. The fact is that if you carry out repairs on your own, you will be guided only by your personal experience when purchasing and choosing materials, and you can only blame yourself for the wrong soil or wallpaper glue.

Well, if you still decide to hire a private master or resort to the services of a repair company, then such advice, before drawing up estimates and conversations with a foreman or foreman, should not be engaged in purchasing building materials.

This is explained as follows: the master or foreman will conduct an inspection of the object in order to determine the necessary types of work, on the basis of the inspection an estimate and a list of materials necessary for the repair will be made.

Before buying materials

By purchasing any materials in advance, before the master examines the room, you can make a mistake in choosing the necessary material, improperly chosen materials, the master can reject because of insufficient quality or inconsistency with the technical condition.

In this situation, the master will be right, because the guarantees for the work performed should be carried by him, and how can you give a guarantee if the walls are filled with a putty of an inadequate quality, and the bathroom ceiling is painted with simple paint not designed for application in wet areas.

As if summarizing all the above, I would like to add that if you use the services of third-party organizations, private teams or masters, you must be completely sure of their reputation, no matter what they are called, because you have to, well, if you are not a professional in construction, believe them.

Having checked the final result of the work visually, you will draw conclusions about the repairs carried out as a whole, only in appearance. If you still decide to perform the repair yourself, then adhere to the following tips, you can probably avoid many mistakes in the future.

We value our strength - do-it-yourself apartment renovation

Light cosmetic repairs indoors, you can make without going into the wilds of the construction market, and most importantly on their own. Without experience in the repair and construction activities, it should be understood that not all types of operations you can do with your own hands.

Soberly assess your strengths and capabilities, remember that a real master, who easily performs a certain type of work, hones his skills over the years, so you shouldn’t be surprised why you don’t work like a master.

The first thing to do is to determine the necessary list of works, if you question the performance of certain types of work on your own, it is better to entrust them to a specialist, or to exclude them from the list altogether. This measure will help save time and money, because the spoiled material alone can not do, you can spoil the object itself, and for correcting someone else's work, the master can take much more from you than if he did it from the very beginning.

If you still want to try your hand, and decided to do everything yourself, you need to have a lot of patience and learn in advance the rules and regulations when conducting a particular operation in the work of the builder, and here all the means are good, books, the Internet, personal experience . Expanding on the items that need to be done, you need to pick up the required materials.

The list of works carried out in the facelift

If you are planning redecoration, then most likely you decided to change the wallpaper and update the ceiling, below is a minimum of the operations necessary for redecoration.

  1. The first stage is the cleaning of the walls and ceiling of the wallpaper, peeling paint and chalk.

  2. Next, you need to primed the walls and ceiling with a special primer.

  3. The next stage, putty walls and ceiling. Putty, laid irregularities, cracks and transitions, thereby achieving a visual alignment of the surface.

  4. After the putty may remain risks and traces of the spatula, all the flaws must be sanded using emery paper on the bar.

  5. And just now, you can start painting the ceiling.

  6. Wallpapering the walls last.

Happy repair!

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