Little pond

Many would like to have a small pond in the country, on how to maintain and care for the pond in this article ...

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The large abundance in the trade of small reservoirs of finished forms or PVC films allows you to acquire a pond even in a small area.

Making a pond is half the battle, but you need to know that a small pond on a site requires little attention compared to large ponds.
It is very difficult to achieve the perfect natural balance in a small pond.

If the volume of coastal vegetation is too large, its appearance worsens, and of course, the scourge of all water bodies with no aeration and constant water exchange is duckweed and algae.
Coastal overgrown plants must be removed in a timely manner. Algae and duckweed are conveniently removed from the pond with a synthetic street broom for garbage collection.

When cleaning from algae, be careful if your pond is of a membrane (film) type, try not to violate the waterproofing, as repairing in water is problematic, and holes that appear in the membrane can accelerate the drying of the reservoir.

When cleaning the pond, be careful not to discard with algae living creatures living in the pond. Keep an eye on the water level in the pond, on hot days a small pond can become very shallow quickly.

Add water in a timely manner, if there are any buildings near the pond, you can direct the rain drain from the roof directly into the pond. The only thing to consider is that the stream of water from the drain does not wash out the bottom and does not raise turbidity from the bottom, for this it is enough to put a large stone under the stream. Consider the possible overflow in the event of prolonged rains, it is better to send it to the drainage or gutter.

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