Landscaping: your own piece of heaven on earth

Since ancient times, man has sought to refine and decorate the area around his home. The art of decorative gardening, which arose in ancient times, was transformed over time into a separate field of activity - landscape design ...

landscape design
It is quite difficult to imagine a country cottage with an unkempt adjoining territory. Their owners usually do not skimp on the arrangement of the yard, garden, and reservoirs. After all, all this is done for yourself and your loved ones. It is prestigious to have a beautiful courtyard, a well-groomed garden, and has long been the norm.

Why landscape design?

Every person dreams of turning a piece of land surrounding a country cottage or a country house into his own piece of paradise. This is what landscape design is aimed at - a creative activity that is equated with art. Its main goal is to create an organic and dramatic look for courtyards, backyards and parklands.

Landscaping specialists ennoble and shape the external design and landscaping of the site in the desired style. This is achieved by planting flowers, trees and shrubs, arranging ponds and irrigation systems, building gazebos, creating alpine slides. Special lighting, sculptures, decorative vases, boulders, paths and winter gardens play a huge role.

Fashion trends and landscape design

Each home owner has his own vision of the ideal landscape design. Some people like strict lines, straight garden paths, trimmed lawns. Another is closer to the effect of "wild meadow", which in reality is verified and thought out to the smallest detail. Any option is designed to emphasize the beauty of the natural relief, to decorate the site with flowering plants replacing each other, to make it comfortable and beautiful.

There are several styles in landscape design that are timeless and fashionable. Among them is the Mediterranean garden. It combines terracotta ceramics and white marble statues, trimmed conifers and aromatic herbs, pebble paths and gorgeous turquoise waters.

The landscape design "a la Versailles" with magnificent flower beds and fountains is very interesting. Lovers of exoticism often choose stylizations for the Tokyo and Beijing imperial parks "Meiji" and "Yiheyuan". Modern technologies make it possible to equip a pond, fountains, waterfalls, streams, graceful bridges, spectacular flower beds, rock gardens, cozy gazebos, terraces, paths leading to mysterious corners of the garden and secluded glades, drenched in the sun and strewn with flowers.

Your own personal Eden

Having determined for yourself the ideal of beauty, you can start landscape design. As a result, you will get a piece of nature in harmony with your inner sense of beauty, your own little paradise.

One of the functions of landscape design is to create conditions for recreation. Walking in the garden, the murmur of a waterfall among the rock garden, tea drinking in a gazebo on the bank of a quiet pond - all this gives a feeling of happiness and joy of life.

When creating your own garden, the method of landscape and architectural zoning is often used. As a result, every family member will receive their favorite corner - a sunny meadow for games, flower beds for ornamental and medicinal plants, a small vegetable garden, a garden, a cozy gazebo. And how impressive it all looks in the soft tints of evening illumination! And further. The cost of a cottage located on a plot with a professional landscape design rises significantly. Therefore, the money invested in these works can be considered a profitable investment.

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