Wooden house: reviving old traditions

The choice of building materials on the market is very wide and varied. However, more and more individual developers are choosing traditional natural materials such as wood

Timber house
The revival of interest in wooden buildings is not a blind pursuit of fashion trends. Indeed, in addition to environmental safety, wood has a number of excellent performance characteristics. It is famous for its high strength, excellent thermal insulation parameters, durability and low price.

Unlike many other materials, wood is able to "breathe". Together with its natural texture, noble color and light aroma, this allows you to create a unique, especially human-friendly microclimate and a beautiful interior in a wooden house.

Wood: advantages and benefits

Wooden buildings can be divided into two main types: a log house and a log house. Each of them has its own advantages, however, in any case, a wooden house is an excellent, from the point of view of ecology, original, beautiful and fairly inexpensive dwelling.

In a log or log house, the optimal level of humidity is maintained naturally. Walls made of larch and pine are especially beneficial for the quality and purification of indoor air. Glued laminated timber, like rounded logs, has excellent sound and heat insulation. Such houses warm up quickly enough, retain heat well in winter and allow shelter from the summer heat.

One of the main disadvantages of wood is deformation during periodic changes in environmental humidity. The currently used construction technologies and modern methods of hydrophobization of surfaces make it possible to cope with this drawback. A solid and beautiful house made of logs, built from materials dried according to all the rules, will faithfully serve more than one generation of your family.

Wooden house: glued beams or rounded logs?

The most popular today are houses made of ordinary, profiled or glued beams. Perfectly finished on all four sides, these types of lumber are very easy to assemble. The tight fit of the contacting surfaces of the timber does not allow moisture to seep from the outside and guarantees comfort in the house.

Standard or profiled beams are made from solid logs. It is dried naturally or in drying chambers. After that, the products are treated with drugs that prevent decay, and a fire retardant, which reduces the wood's ability to catch fire.

Multilayer or glued timber is assembled from 2-5 separate lamellas of the same size by gluing under a press. In this case, the opposite direction of the radial rings is used in each of the layers of the product. As a result, the internal stress of individual lamellas balances each other, glued laminated timber is not subject to deformation and cracking.

A log house is the oldest type of wooden structure. Today, for this most often they use a rounded log - lumber, which has an equal diameter along its entire length and a special groove ("cup") for a tighter fit of individual elements. As a rule, logs with natural moisture are used. They dry completely within 4-6 months.

Both from a bar and from a log, you can erect a structure of any architectural form. Compliance with construction rules and wood processing with modern protective materials ensure high comfort and durability of wooden houses.

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