Lilies, care and cultivation

Лилии, эти цветы полюбились многим садоводам за свою необычайную красоту и неприхотливость. Согласитесь,как прекрасно летним вечером сидя в беседке, наслаждаться благоуханием этих цветов...

Lily flower with butterfly in bud
Lilies are truly one of the most spectacular and majestic plants in the summer garden.

Lilies love fertile soil, sun or partial shade. Lily bulbs are planted in April-May at a depth of 10-15 cm from the bottom of the bulb.

Tubular hybrids do not like acidic soils, therefore, wood ash, limestone or chalk should be added to the pre-planting soil filling at the rate of 200-500 g per 1 m2.

For oriental hybrids, on the contrary, slightly acidic soil is preferable. The first feeding is carried out in the spring, in the snow, before the shoots appear, by applying a complex fertilizer at the rate of 30 g / m2.

When the buds are tied, the same feeding is carried out again. For better ripening of the bulbs after flowering, potassium-phosphorus fertilizers should be applied under the lilies (10 g of superphosphate and 30 g of potassium sulfate per 1 m2).

For the winter, lilies are covered with a layer of peat of 10-15 cm.
Lilies feel great in one place without a transplant for 3-5 years. During this period, lilies form nests of bulbs of different sizes and ages.

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