Where does the heat go from our homes

Perhaps, during the construction of your house, you were told that your house is well insulated, but in fact, the wind "walks" in the house and it is cold in winter, we will learn more about thermal protection and thermal imagers - devices for examining heat leakage

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The media more and more often come across announcements about a new type of service, for owners of private houses and other premises "inspection with a thermal imager" what kind of device it is and what kind of examination it does, many ask this question, since the costs incurred for heating a room with an ineffective insulation system are capable of undermine the family budget of many homeowners.

Thermal imager is a device for observing the temperature distribution on the investigated surface.
How it works - when pointing the device at the object under study, the operator sees the investigated part as a color field, where a certain color corresponds to a certain temperature.

Dark, cool colors - good insulation.
Light, warm colors - insulation needs improvement.

The thermal imager allows you to determine where the facade is thermally insulated well, and where it is not enough, the red and yellow areas on the monitor indicate heat leaks. In some cases, an inspection with a thermal imager can provide invaluable information, for example, for the owner of a house under construction before accepting it from a contractor.
After examining a room or building, the most "weak" spots are identified, thinking before the survey that your walls are poorly insulated, you find out that in fact the heat is escaping through the roof. Inspection with a thermal imager will fully pay for itself and may even help to avoid unnecessary expenses, since you will know exactly where the heat is leaving.
The places where energy losses occur can be identified visually. For example, an unfinished rafter section will cause heat leakage. In winter, you can detect heat leakage from a damp wall, or melting snow on a roof. It is also easy to see if the gaps in the glazed windows are sufficiently filled.

Caring for the correct energy balance when erecting a new building is an important component of the task of builders. For each part of the house, certain indicators prescribed by the norms for thermal protection must be observed.

The freedom of design activities of architects is not limited, because poor insulating properties of individual parts of the building can be compensated for by the choice of material or dimensions, improved performance of other building elements. For example, a large winter garden, thanks to special glazing, concentrates solar heat in the house, without releasing energy outside.

Nowadays, probably every owner of a house under construction realizes that a properly performed thermal protection will lead to a decrease in heating costs, and the cost of insulating materials will pay off quite quickly. Internal insulation of walls, ceiling and attic space in the house is within the power of any adult. It is important that all areas through which heat leakage occurs are caulked, and the insulation is protected with a special vapor barrier.

If you are afraid to make mistakes, then consult a specialist. After a professional inspects the house and gives the necessary instructions, you can start working. It is advisable to buy the necessary materials together with a specialist!

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