We decorate the end of the gable roof

How to close, and at the same time make beautiful, the end of the roof? We do wooden carved lining with our own hands.

Roof of an outbuilding before the installation of the decorative end caps
Installing simple metal end pieces seemed too easy, so I decided to decorate the roof ends with carved overlays.
But, since I do not have the skills of hand-carving wood, I decided to simplify my task somewhat and make some kind of imitation and use a modern tool.

For the production of overlays, I needed an inch board 120 mm wide.

From the tools, the following was needed -
1. Drill
2. Belt Grinder
3. Electric jigsaw
4. Manual milling machine, (who doesn't have it, it's not scary! But you can do without it)
5. Wood crown
6. Pen drill
7. To protect and paint the wood, I used a rosewood impregnation and a water-based varnish.

The first thing I did was divide and mark the endboard into equal lengths.
Then I found a jar with a suitable circle diameter and marked out the semicircles.
Then he marked the places of drilling with a crown and a feather drill.

Roof end board manufacturing

Next, I drilled wide holes with a wood crown. So that on the reverse side the hole was even along the edges and the crown did not pull out the wood, the holes were drilled into the floor of the passage, first halfway on one side and then on the other.

Roof end board manufacturing

After making the holes, along the marked contour using an electric jigsaw, I sawed out semicircular elements, thereby connecting the large holes.

Irregularities at the end were smoothed out with a grinder, and burrs and shavings were removed with sandpaper.
Then, using a grinder, I sanded both sides of the board.

To give the edges a better look, hand-milled along all edges including holes.

Roof end board manufacturing

Finally, I finished and removed the defects with sandpaper.
The finished pad, several times with intermediate drying, covered with an antiseptic "rosewood"
After letting the antiseptic dry, I covered the pad with a transparent matte water-based varnish.
After the varnish has dried, I mount them on the end of the roof, closing their joint in the center with a wooden element made according to the same principle.

Finished roof end boards
Further, it is possible to close the joint from precipitation between the lining and the roof using a standard metal end strip.
  Building with roof end boards installed

It seems to me that such a seemingly simple element as an end board, having even a minimal pattern, can give a special look to any building.

Watch the video about the manufacture of end boards for the roof

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