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Novgorod Kremlin (detinets), Russia

Veliky Novgorod is one of the oldest cities of Russia.

First it was mentioned in a chronicle in 859 year.

The Citie is located on a river Volhov, not far from a lake Ilmen.

Sights of Velikiy Novgorod, Russia

This ancient city is a centere of old Russian culture. Palaces and monuments are main sights of this city.

Many of the palaces can be seen in there original look, because it is forbidden to change the look of a buildings while restoring them. 

The Novgorod Kremlin - the citadel "Detinets"

Lots of ancient Russian cities are shaped in a form of there frotresses. The same happened to Velikiy Novgorod that is located on the low banks of the river Volhov.

Novgorod Kremlin (detinets), Russia

Behind the red-brick walls and towers of Kremlin the gliter of domes St Sophia cathedral can be seen as well as chapel and bell tower.

This view Novgorod got not too long ago. Approximetely in the end of XIX century.

But the complex began to emerge in X – XI centuries. Its archeological and architectural monuments captured the most historical moments of Russia.

The Novgorod Kremlin - more about the history of the Kremlin ...

Attractions of the Kremlin

Sophia Cathedral

St. Sophia Cathedral, Veliky Novgorod, Russia
In the Novgorod Cathedral of St. Sophia there are many visitors - tourists, parishioners, scientists. Even an atheist will be carried away by art and historical artifacts.

The domes and white walls of the cathedral are not throws, the temple is simple and magnificent at the same time. Near the temple there is an incredible goodness, peace and tranquility ...


Chasozvonya, Veliky Novgorod, Russia
The chapel is an architectural monument of great interest both for tourists and historians, since similar structures in Veliky Novgorod have not survived to this day.

The chapel is the tallest building of the Novgorod Kremlin, which has great town-planning significance and makes the city's richer silhouette...

Orthodox church of the Protection of the Holy Virgin

Orthodox church of the Protection of the Holy Virgin, Veliky Novgorod, Russia

This church, one of the surviving churches in Novgorod the Great, which have the type of construction of the "octagon on the quadrangle".

The Church is rightfully on the UNESCO list ...

The building of the public places

Building of the Presence, Veliky Novgorod, Russia
Visit the building of the Presence in the territory of the Novgorod Kremlin will be useful for students and not only because of the museum located within the walls of the building, but also because of the cast-iron lions standing at the entrance ...

Church of Andrew Stratelate

Church of Andrey Stratilat, Veliky Novgorod, Russia
Being in the territory of Novgorod Detinets, a tourist should visit a small building - the Church of Andrey Stratilat.

The church is named after Andrei Stratilat, a holy warrior-martyr ...

Faceted Chamber

View of the Chasozvon and the Faceted Chamber, Novgorod Kremlin, Veliky Novgorod, Russia
While in the Novgorod Kremlin, the traveler can see the arch by one of the walls of the St. Sophia Cathedral.

This archway, is a fragment of the walls of the oldest part of the Kremlin - the Lord's Court, in whose territory the Faceted Chamber was located ...

Monument "Millennium of Russia"

The monument to the "Millennium of Russia" has great significance for any Russian person.

It is difficult to imagine how a monument could combine six, different from each other, historical epochs, but the artist managed to realize it ...

Belfry of St. Sophia Cathedral

Belfry of St. Sophia Cathedral, Veliky Novgorod, Russia
A traveler who came to Veliky Novgorod must necessarily visit the Belfry of St. Sophia Cathedral, because this unique building occupies, not the least place in the silhouette of the city and ensemble of the whole Detinets ...

Yaroslavovo Dvorishche

(Yaroslavovo courtyard)

View of Ancient Torg and Yaroslavovo Dvorishche, V. Novgorod, Russia If Kremlin always was an architectural centre of Novgorod on a Sophia side, the Yaroslav courtyard
Became a centre on a Trade side.

Today Yaroslav courtyard is one of the most popular places of Velikiy Novgorod among tourists.

Lots of historical monuments are concentrated on the territory of the Tender.

Each church of the Yaroslav courtyard has its own beauty and their historical value is unique. That is why the object is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Yaroslavovo Dvorishche - more about the sights located on the territory of the courtyard ...

Sights of the Yaroslav Dvorishche and Ancient Torg

Church of Procopius

Church of Procopius of the XVI century, Veliky Novgorod, Russia
Being on the trading side of Veliky Novgorod, in the complex of Yaroslav Dvorishche temples and visiting the Church of the Myrrhbearers, the tourist will not pass by a small and well-preserved church dedicated to St. Procopius.

The Church of Procopia is listed in UNESCO.

Seating yard

Arcade of the Gostiny Dvor Veliky Novgorod, Russia
Gostiny Dvor with its Gate Tower and arcade, is one of the visiting cards of Veliky Novgorod.

The complex is located on the territory where there used to be an ancient Torg.

On the tower, for tourists organized a viewing platform, from which wonderful views of the ancient city are opened ...

Church of the Assumption on the Torgu

Church of the Assumption on the Torg of the 12th-15th Century, Veliky Novgorod, Russia
Church Uspenja on Torgu very small and little-seen church.

But, being in it, the traveler understands that he never met such beauty.

All the walls are painted with frescoes, so harmoniously that the tourist simply does not want to leave ...

St. Nicholas Cathedral

Nikolsky Cathedral of the XII century., Veliky Novgorod, Russia
St. Nicholas Cathedral - the main and at the same time the most ancient building in the architectural ensemble of Yaroslav Dvorishche.

The cathedral was consecrated in honor of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker.

For a long time this building served as a princely palace temple. In 1992, the cathedral was listed in UNESCO ...

Church of the wives - Myrrh-Bearers

Church of the Women of the Myrrh-Bearers of the 16th century, Veliky Novgorod, Russia
A traveler on the territory of the Yaroslav Dvorishche will be interested to see the church built in the 16th century dedicated to the Myrrh-bearers - women who came to bathe and wash the world of the crucified Jesus Christ - Mary, Martha, Mary Magdalene and others ...

Church of John on Opoks

Church of John on Opoks - Veliky Novgorod,Russia
In the church of St. John on Opoka a new trend is emerging in the temple construction of Veliky Novgorod: simplification of the forms of architecture and reduction of the scale of the structure.

However, this church still maintains the tradition of the princely ceremonial construction of the beginning of the distant 12th century ...

Church of St. George the Victorious at Torgu

Church of St. George on the Torg of the XIV-XVIII century., Veliky Novgorod, Russia
The Church of St. George on Torgu is located on the territory of Yaroslav Dvorishche, near the intersection of Bolshaya Moskovskaya and Ilinskaya streets, close to the churches of St. John the Baptist on Opok and the Assumption on the Goat Beard.

At the ancient Torg it occupies a rather prominent position and attracts the attention of the tourist with its somewhat unusual appearance ...

Church of Paraskeva-Pyatnitsa

Church of Paraskeva Friday the 13th century, Veliky Novgorod, Russia
From the whole complex of churches of the ancient Torg, the Church of Paraskeva-Pyatnitsa leaves the traveler under a great impression.

Either with his abandoned-majestic view, or with a narrow, steep, stone staircase to the rooms of the second floor. Or some kind of energy, pulling the tourist back again!

Znamensky Cathedral

Znamensky Cathedral - Veliky Novgorod, Russia

Because of its architecture, the Cathedral of Znamens stands out from all other churches and cathedrals in Novgorod.

Since it is more typical for the Volga and Moscow churches.

Today it’s a museum where you can see almost all frescoes of the XVII century in their first appearance.
This sight for sure will be interesting for the lovers of monumental painting.

Znamensky Cathedral - Veliky Novgorod, Russia  more>>

Church of the Transfiguration on Ilyina

Church of the Savior of Transfiguration on Ilin Street - Veliky Novgorod, Russia

There is no way any tourist can miss such a small from outside but boundless from inside Church of the Transfiguration on Ilyina.

Especially now, when the restoration is over and there is a chance to see wall painting masterpieces and admire entirely unique rugged image of the Savior, who looks at the audience from the dome.

However a tourist has to keep an eye on working hours of the Cathedral. Unfortunately during the winter and heavy rains Cathedral is being closed.

Church of the Transfiguration on Ilin Street - Veliky Novgorod, Russia  more>>

Vitoslavlitsy - Museum of folk wooden architecture

Vitoslavlitsy - hut, museum of folk wooden architecture, Veliky Novgorod, Russia

It is immposible to visit Novgorod and skip Vitoslavlitsy Museum.

Wooden churches and houses been brought here from different isolated villages of Russia to make you feel traveling back to hundreds of years.

Complex is located on a hige area where you can walk, breathe fresh air and view beautiful nature.

Vitoslavlitsy offer a tourist multiple entertainments, that perfectly fit for children and adults.

Here you can listen to ditties, take part in outdor activities, learn how to make dolls. Overall it is interesting, beneficial and authentically.

Museum of Folk Wooden Architecture "Vitoslavlitsy"  more>>

Veliky Novgorod on the google map

Veliky Novgorod in Figures

The area of the city is 90 square kilometers.

Population - 219,971 people (as of 2014)

Coordinates of the Novgorod Kremlin:

58 ° 31'17.09 "N (58.521415)
31 ° 16'31.28 "E (31.275356)

The time zone is UTC + 3 (Moscow time).

Phone Code: 8162

Region number: 53 - city, region

Weather in Veliky Novgorod

The climate of Veliky Novgorod is moderately continental, with a cold snowy winter and a moderately warm summer.

Souvenirs from Velikiy Novgorod

There are dozens of souvenors in Novgorod that are different from basic magnets and keychains.

A unique techology of embroidery on white through the background - "Kresttsy line" is developed here.

Tourists are also attracted by woven and semi-woven belts, which act as amulets and have some special sacred meaning.

Also tourists usually bring home blankets, baskets, saltcellars, caskets, and boxes from birch bark; wood, horn and bone combs, knife handles, combs, icons, crosses.

Crafts made of clay and wood-toys, whistles. Travellers are also like – birch bark cap.

They often buy branded Novgorod berry tinctures with "sweet" names - "enchantress"," Lyubava"," Novgorodka "or"Sadko".

How to get dressed if you are going to Veliky Novgorod

At winter if you are planning on visiting Novgorod Kremlin you shouldn’t forget that it is located on a bank of the river.

Cold winds that blow from the open space can be an unlike surprise for those who prefers thin coat and forgot their hat.

At summer it is warm and sunny but still you shouldn’t forget about umbrella because the weather can change.

How to get to Velikiy Novgorod

There is no airport in Velikiy Novgorod but the building process should start in the observable future.

There is a bus terminal and a railroad station that are located on a left bank of a river Volhov.

Public transport in Velikiy Novgorod

There are trolleybuses, buses and taxis in the city.

To get to the trading side or to the Plotniskiy district from a bus terminal or a railroad station from the side of Sophia Cathedral across the Volhov you can use bus number 27A.

From the terminals there is a nus number 8 that will take you right to the Kremlin. You have to leave the bus in the stop «Sophia square».

You can look for the transport routes here>>

Hotels of Velikiy Novgorod

For those who arrive to see the main sights we can recommend to choose a hotel nex to the Kremlin as from the left and as from the right bank.

Sights are located on the both sides of the city. Kremlin itself is located on Sophia side and the left bank of Volhov. Yaroslav's court and Ancient Torg are located on the right Bank.

The right side of the Volkhov River

(Trading side, Slavenskiy end, Plotnitskiy end)

Left side of the Volkhov River

(Sophia side, Zagorodskiy end, Lyudin end, Nerevskiy end)

More about hotels
  - here>>

Restaurants and cafes in this city -  learn more >>

Guides in Veliky Novgorod

To see the sights is not enough, it is important to learn about them, to hear their history, as well as to get answers to many questions.

Without a professional guide you can walk for hours and do not know that you missed something important.

Find a guide and find out more about the beautiful sights and places in this city here ...

Dish associated with Novgorod

Because of the city being located on a river, the dish is made of fish. The most famous is the dish zander "Veliky Novgorod".

More information about this dish you can find here : Russian dishes

Also every tourist that’s is visiting Novgorod has to try out local cask kvass, which is famous for its rich taste and quality.

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