The walls of a country house, why you need to paint the facade

It all starts with painting. Its durability depends on the state of painting of the facade of any house. What chemical processes occur with the walls of the house due to the destruction of the protective coating (facade painting), we read in this article ...

Country house, cottage
When checking the technical condition of your house yourself, you should pay attention not only to cracks and plaster flying off, but also to the state of the painting. You can start, for example, by checking the adhesion strength.

Scratches in the form of a grid are applied to the paint layer in various areas. Strips of adhesive tape are attached to these areas, if the paint flies off when they are removed, the adhesion to the base is considered insufficient. The painting must be done again.

Bubbles that appear in places under the old paint layer indicate that moisture, which is caused by the action of water vapor, is not being removed from the brickwork. Conclusion: the paint layer does not have diffusion properties. Corrosion due to air pollution causes defects mainly on stone facades, as well as on limestone, concrete and plaster layers. Substances such as sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide penetrate with moisture into building materials and cause defects. They corrode binding solutions and can weaken the structure of the masonry.
In addition to severe destruction and pore formation on the stone surface, this group of damage is recognized by washed lime and water-insoluble gypsum crust.

The next group of defects occurs due to mechanical corrosion. In this case, harmful salts penetrate into the building material and are deposited in its capillaries. They, like moistening the masonry, lead to a decrease in thermal insulation properties. As a result of the reaction of salt with water, salt deposits increase in volume, which leads to the formation of cracks.

Then it should be called biological corrosion. It manifests itself in the form of moss, fungi, lichens and algae growing on walls or roofs that have a slight slope. These organisms bind moisture, making it difficult for the façade to dry out. All this reduces the thermal insulation properties of materials and leads to the formation of damage caused by frost. To prevent this phenomenon, it is necessary to carry out an impregnation of the material or a new painting.

Building elements made of concrete also do not avoid the influence of the external environment. Concrete surfaces are destroyed by carbon dioxide. As soon as oxygen gains access to the steel reinforcement, the conditions for rust are created. In such cases, it is necessary to free the damaged sections of the reinforcement, remove rust from them and then re-concrete.

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