Shrubs in landscape design

Shrubs are an integral part of landscaping parks, courtyards and gardens. Along with trees and herbaceous plants, they delight people with their beauty. Most of them are long-livers and do not require labor-intensive care.

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Shrubs are less whimsical than most herbaceous plants.

It will take only a few hours a year to care for them, and often shrubs do not require attention at all.

Features of shrubs

Shrubs are the most important material for creating hedges, small architectural forms and "green sculpture" - from geometric shapes to intricate fantastic shapes. When creating landscape design
the shrub is an irreplaceable material. With the help of ordinary garden scissors, skillful hands of gardeners create unique masterpieces of topiary art, i.e. curly haircuts of plants. We can say that this beautiful type of human activity exists precisely thanks to the shrubs.

The most important thing is to choose the right place and plant them in accordance with the laws of agricultural technology, cut them in time (not only maintain the cut forms, but also rejuvenate old bushes), sometimes nourish them with fertilizers. And grateful plants will delight you with the fresh gloss of leaves, flowers and spectacular fruits.

Shrubs - favorites of personal and summer cottages

Everyone knows and is very popular with the luxurious and extremely hardy common lilac. It must be remembered (especially if you have purchased a new variety) that old varieties of lilacs grow on their roots. Over time, plants grow into large shrubs that are larger than human growth. New varieties need to be grafted into the wild; this requires certain knowledge and skills. In this way, not only lilacs are grafted, but also garden roses, hawthorn, dogwood.

Jasmine at the height of summer, in the off-season flowering of spring and autumn plants, is covered with delicate white fragrant flowers. As a rule, jasmine blooms on new branches. Therefore, every 2-3 years (at the beginning of August) it is necessary to prune the bushes. It forms the crown of the plant, improving its appearance, and also stimulates the growth of young shoots. Already next year, the renewed jasmine bush will be strewn with flowers.

Barberry is one of the most popular deciduous shrubs in gardening. The plant is often used in landscaping. It attracts with pliability in work and unpretentious care. A variety of colors of leaves and forms of the bush ensured widespread use of barberry in landscape decoration. The constant color of the leaves of the barberry can be green, yellow or purple, and by autumn the leaves of the bush change color.

In landscape design, hedges of colorful barberry bushes are often used. It should be noted that plants with colored leaves are more light-requiring. With the help of special garden scissors, a barberry bush can be easily turned into a cube, ball or other pretty figure.

The Snow Globe or Kalina Buldenezh is extremely beautiful. Its flowers are very similar to large loose snowballs, however, the plant does not tie fruit. This shrub propagates only in a vegetative way. But it blooms for a long time and very effectively.

 Kuril tea or cinquefoil blooms continuously, from early summer to late autumn. Several dozen Potentilla plants growing together can transform a large space into a blooming carpet.

 Many other shrubs are also worthy of attention, such as roses, forsythia, cotoneaster, spirea, hawthorn. The bush kingdom is so diverse that it is impossible to cover it in one overview.

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