Food waste disposer - Bone Crusher BC810-AS - installation on a kitchen sink.

Disposer installation in a steel kitchen sink.

Prerequisites for installing food waste disposer

Prerequisites for installing food waste disposer

Prerequisites for installing food waste disposerOne of the conditions for the installation of a food waste disposer is the required diameter of the drain hole in the sink, equal to 90 mm, as well as a rigid connection to the sewer through a direct-flow pipe siphon.
Also, it is highly undesirable to connect the food waste disposer to the sewer through the corrugation and use the usual bottle siphon for everyone.
It is worth considering that the disposer does not have a very long power cord with a plug, therefore, to connect it under the sink, it is necessary to provide a reliable socket with a ground wire.
Also, on the disposer power line in front of the electrical outlet, I would advise you to additionally put protection in the form of an automatic residual current device.

Installation of a food waste disposer

In my situation, a direct-flow siphon was already installed with a 40 mm pipe to both bowls. It only remained to remove the unnecessary outlet with a grate from the sink, put the disposer flange in its place and change the configuration of the sewerage connection from the siphon to the disposer outlet bend.

In a double kitchen sink, it was decided to give a smaller bowl under the disposer due to the fact that a trash can was already located under the large bowl, behind which a drinking filter was also installed, occupying all the remaining space.

Mounting the Disposer Flange

Having removed the old outlet from the sink, I carefully wipe the seat for the disposer flange, then degrease it.

Next, on the mating part of the flange with the sink, I apply a moisture-resistant, silicone sealant.

Food waste disposer , nstallation on a kitchen sin

Having oriented the inscription on the flange, I install it in the drain hole of the sink.
Further, from the bottom side of the bowl, I sequentially install the flange parts, first a cardboard gasket, then a rubber one, then a steel clamping seal facing the outer sides of the skirt to the bottom, I fix the three-screw fixing ring with a steel retaining ring.

Food waste disposer , nstallation on a kitchen sink
Having installed all the details of the flange, I alternately tighten all three clamping ring screws.
It is worth noting that from the front of the sink, from under the flange, as it is pressed, excess sealant will protrude. Excess sealant is best removed before it dries.

Next, turning the disposer upside down, we connect a vacuum tube to the disposer fitting, the tube is fixed with a nut.

Connecting the food waste disposer to the flange

Now the food waste disposer can be installed in its place.

Having previously installed the disposer on the flange, right in place, I brought to it a sewer pipe with a direct-flow siphon and an installed disposer outlet elbow, now you can finally install the disposer in its place.

When installing, we mate the disposer neck with a flange fixed to the sink, combine the mounting lugs and tighten the clamping ring by turning.

We connect the exhaust elbow to the disposer and fix it with a clamp.
It remains to install the vacuum button and the disposer can be started.
In principle, the vacuum button can be installed anywhere, I didn’t want to place the button on the surface of the countertop or the sink itself because the button would interfere with wiping the surface from constantly appearing splashes of water.

Since I have a stand-alone cabinet with a sink, for a place for a vacuum button, I chose the upper part of the side wall of the cabinet.

To do this, I drilled a hole in it and installed a button with a hose connected to it.
Having connected the food waste disposer to the mains, we turn on the water and do a trial run of the motor, after which we check under the sink for leaks from the connections.

Disposer installed, you can start using.

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