Which of the two Swiss resorts is better: Zermatt or St. Moritz

There are two ski resorts located close to each other in Switzerland: Zermatt and St. Mortz. For many years, skiers and snowboarders have been resting on their slopes. Which of the resorts is better - you choose.


The picturesque nature of Switzerland, snow-capped peaks, crystal clear mountain air attract more and more tourists every year. Zermatt is one of the most magnificent and famous ski resorts in the country. There are ideal conditions for outdoor activities, comfortable living and entertainment.

The locality in which the resort is located is located in the southwestern part of Switzerland. Not far from the border with Italy. The distance to the nearest large city of Geneva is 220 km, and to Zurich - 20 km more.

The ski complex is located at the foot of the Matterhorn peak at an altitude of 1600 meters above sea level. The climate favorable for outdoor activities allows tourists to visit the resort at any time of the year. Even in summer, there is snow on the tops of the Alps.

Swiss resort

The skiing season starts in December and ends in April. The resort is most visited on New Year's holidays. During this period, prices for vacations increase.

The resort is ideal for family outdoor activities, but young people will also find something to their liking.

The village has a large number of ski schools for children of all ages. For young conquerors of the mountains, specially equipped trails for training have been created. They master skiing under the guidance of qualified instructors.

Basically, Zermatt is visited by top-class skiing professionals and snowboarders. At their disposal a huge number of roads with steep slopes and turns.

On the snow-covered slopes of the Alps, there are also trails for intermediate skiers.

How to get to the resort:

The most convenient way to get to Zermatt is from Zurich or Geneva. In these cities are the air harbors closest to the resort.

The distance from Zurich airport is 240 km. This path can be done in 3 ways:

By train.

You can get to the desired platform of the railway station from the airport hall. The ticket price is about 65 Swiss francs. The train goes to Fispe station, where tourists change to a commuter train to Zermatt.

By taxi.

Travel time is about 4 hours. The price depends on the level of comfort.

Tourists landing at Geneva airport can use the same modes of transport. The preferred option is the railroad. The station is located on the territory of the airport. The ticket is purchased immediately to Zermatt, although there is a change in Visp. Travel time is approximately 4 hours. Price from 600 CHF

By transfer.

The transfer service is cheaper and more convenient than a taxi. Transfer from Geneva airport to Zermatt cost from 390 CHF.

By car.

When choosing this type of transport, you should be aware that movement on fuel-powered vehicles is prohibited on the territory of the ski complex. Cars reach Täsch (5 km from Zermatt). There is parking for 2000 places. The cost is 14 CNF per day. From here, there is a commuter train to Zermatt. He is 10 min. delivers tourists to the place of rest.

St Moritz

The amazing beauty of nature, combined with the favorable climate of St. Moritz, give it the right to be called the home of winter sports. It was here that winter alpine tourism was born (1864), although initially the place gained fame as a summer resort. This was facilitated by mineral springs discovered more than three thousand years ago.

The city has hosted participants in two Winter Olympics and five World Alpine Skiing Championships. The territory of the complex is divided into 2 zones: the shopping village with elite shops is called St. Moritz Dorf, and the second part, where the lower lift stations are located, is called Bad. The ski resort is a cozy small town. It is located on the southern slopes of the Swiss Alps (1800 m above sea level). This place is often referred to as the Roof of the World.

Nearby is a lake of the same name of amazing beauty, in the surface of which the whole city is reflected. Sunny St. Moritz welcomes tourists all year round. Cold weather favors the opening of the skiing season from mid-November. In the Corviglia region, it is the shortest - until the 20th of April. Excellent snow covers the pistes of Korvatsch even in the spring months. The season here lasts until mid-May. And the slopes of Diavolezza are open for skiing until the end of spring. A huge number of top-class trails are suitable for outdoor enthusiasts of all categories. Most of them are quite complex.

Swiss resort

For beginner skiers and children, there is a special area. Those wishing to learn how to ski and improve their experience will be helped by experienced instructors of the Ski School. It is located within the complex.

Tourists who prefer cross-country skiing will also find something to do. They have several trails at their disposal, including a marathon running between Malokha and S-chanf. Thrill-seekers will get extra adrenaline by visiting the black slopes of Diavolezza.

The nearest airports to the ski resort of St. Moritz are located 200 km away, in the cities of Zurich and Milan.

From Zurich International Airport you can get to the ski complex:

By train.

From Zurich to Chur station. Here you can transfer to a local train that takes passengers to St. Moritz train station. It is located right on the territory of the resort. The Rhaetian Railway is recognized as one of the most beautiful in the world. The whole journey will not take more than 4 hours.

By car.

The travel time will be about 3 hours.

By transfer.

Travelers get to St. Moritz from Zurich Airport using a transfer. The transfer costs about 400 CHF.

Not far from the ski complex there is a small airfield Engadin. It is mainly focused on accepting private jets from Milan, Geneva, Zurich.

St. Moritz slopes

The tourist complex offers several types of slopes for skiing: ski slopes are 88 km, the total length is 345 km; for cross-country skiing - 220 km of rather difficult tracks; At the disposal of fans of winter hiking - 150 km of paths in a picturesque area.

Length and elevation.

On the territory of the complex, the highest point for descent is located at an altitude of 2485 m (Corviglia region). Not far from the center of St. Moritz (10 minutes drive) is the highest station in the Eastern Alps - 3303 m. The length of the longest route is 9 km.

Elevation difference 1800-3303 m. Trails in Sanky Moritz 3 levels of difficulty. Most of the reds (middle level) - 70%, simple blues occupy 20%, blacks - the remaining 10% of the total area.

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