Ski resorts in the French Alps

Ski resorts in the French Alps. If you decide to go skiing or boarding in the French Alps, we recommend visiting one of the three resorts to choose from.

If you decide to go skiing or boarding in the French Alps, we recommend visiting one of the three resorts to choose from.


Courchevel is the most famous ski resort not only in France but throughout the world. Courchevel is also considered to be the most expensive and luxurious holiday. Courchevel is located in France, located in the very center of the Tarentaise Valley.


Included in the ski area Three Valleys. Three Valleys includes 7 resorts. Courchevel consists of villages, each village has its own name, which expresses the height of the resort. For example, Courchevel 1850 has 102 pistes. The trails include training levels from green to black.

The name of the color varies with the difficulty of the slope. The main advantage of the ski resort is the breadth and smoothness of the slopes, as well as the fact that both beginners and professionals can ski here. Here you can not only go skiing or snowboarding, but also visit the wonderful spa treatments, sauna or take part in other activities.

The time between conquering the slopes, you can sit in cozy cafes and bars. Or visit reputable restaurants. A popular activity is Heliskiing. With the help of a helicopter, get to the desired slope. During this time, while you are flying, you can admire the views of the mountains, the surroundings of the best resort. It is simply impossible not to fall in love with this place.

You could could book transfer from Lyon airport to Courchevel from 280 euro

Les Arcs

In 2003, the new Les Arcs station was opened - 1950. The infrastructure here is very developed. The resort was nicknamed the VIP resort.

Les Arcs

Coming here you find yourself in a unique atmosphere, cozy villages and excellent residences, there is everything for a comfortable stay. This station is part of the Paradiksi ski region. It is one of the most extensive in the world and includes 420 km of slopes. The lifts operate from the second half of December until the end of April.

The slopes in Les Arcs are suitable for all skill levels. And also you will definitely appreciate the magnificent view of Mont Blanc and the stunning beauty of the surrounding nature. There are forest trails here. As well as an improved system of lifts and trails. The nearest airports are in Geneva, Lyon and Chambéry. Distance from Geneva 219 km, Lyon 243 km, Chambéry 135 km.

Transfer from Geneva airport to Les Arcs costs about 260 euro.

Val Thorens

Val Thorens is recognized as the highest resort in Western Europe. It is located in the most famous and extensive ski area - the Three Valleys. The resort is suitable for amateurs and fans of all skill levels, from beginner to professional.

Val Thorens

But, perhaps, the one who does not ride in everything can get bored. The resort is located right on the slopes, and cars have to be left at the entrance to the station. Many years ago, Val Thorens was a soulless station. But now it's a very nice village, with a few cabins near the ski lift.

Here you can enjoy skiing regardless of skill level, enjoy the views while sitting in restaurants, and few resorts can boast the ability to ski to the door. Since Val Thorens is one of the highest resorts in the Alps, the ski season here is the longest in time. The season begins already in mid-November, and comes to an end only at the end of April.

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