Which ski resort is the best?

Which ski resort is the best (Courchevel, Val Thorens or Les Arc)

Today we will talk about the three most popular ski resorts.



Courchevel is considered to be the most popular and luxurious ski resort. Courchevel is popular not only in France, but all over the world. One of the main questions, in our opinion, is how to get to the resort. In total there are 4 airports, near the ski resort of Courchevel. The nearest airport is Chambéry Airport, about 100 km away. One of the most popular airports is located 140 km from the resort, this is Geneva International Airport.

And 180 km away are the airport in Grenoble and Lyon. It is also worth noting that Courchevel has its own airport, but due to the short runway it is quite dangerous. The length of the runway is only 525 meters. You can get from the nearest airports in any way, by train, bus, taxi or order a transfer in advance. You can use it in any way, you just have to decide how much you are willing to pay for your comfort. You could book transfer from Geneva to Courchevel about 250 euro


Val Thorens

In Western Europe, there is the highest resort - Val Thorens. It is located in the famous Three Valleys ski area. Val Thorens is located quite far from the airports. Sometimes the road from the airports of Geneva or Grenoble can take up to 5 hours. And the reason for this traffic jam is due to weather conditions. The nearest airport is Chambéry Airport, 112 km from the resort. But the most popular airport is Geneva International Airport.

Val Thorens has a multi-level layout on the southern slope. And also due to the high location of the resort, the season here begins in the second half of November, and ends by the end of April. In addition to skiing on the slopes, you can have a great time here. The resort provides such services as tennis, squash, badminton, table tennis, football, volleyball and other games, all the necessary equipment can be rented from the sports center. And also relax in the Spa. Val Thorens has an aqua club with two swimming pools, saunas, jacuzzi and hammam. The transfer to Val Thorens costs 260 euro


Les Arcs

Les Arcs ski resort is located in the heart of the French Alps. You can get to the resort by any means of transport. Les Arcs is located at different heights and consists of several parts. Arc 1600, Arc 1800, Arc 2000 - united by a network of lifts. The resort is part of the large Paradiski skiing region. In Les Arcs there are a lot of flat, wide pistes, as in all of Paradiski. Which is a definite plus for tourists who are just starting to ride.

There is not much entertainment in Les Arcs, but night skiing will be to your taste. Each station is equipped with an illuminated track and a half-pipe in Arc-2000. In your spare time from skiing, you can visit a bowling alley or a cinema. And also spend the evening in a cozy restaurant. As in all ski resorts, you can visit the spa. Les Arcs has two indoor pools and a sauna. They are located in Bourg Saint Maurice, you can go down by funicular in 7 minutes. Les Arcs is recognized as one of the best resorts for families.

Which of the resorts is better, everyone chooses for himself.

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