Alopecia after chemotherapy: replacement systems as a solution

Alopecia (hair loss) is often a consequence of chemotherapy, one of the most effective treatments for cancer.

Alopecia is a pathological process manifested by partial or complete hair loss. The course of chemotherapy involves patients taking chemical preparations that disrupt the development of fast-growing cells. These, in addition to cancer cells, include hair follicle cells. Because of this, the hair becomes weaker and begins to fall out.

Partial or complete hair loss causes insecurity, low self-esteem, and even depression. Hair extensions and hair transplants after chemotherapy are ineffective. Hair extension requires hair with healthy follicles, and transplantation is performed only on a healthy scalp. Hair replacement systems are the easiest and most effective solution to the aesthetic problem following chemotherapy.

Hair Replacement System: Where to order

Hair Replacement System
SV Atelier, established in Ukraine in 2005, is recognized as the leading brand in the production of hair replacement systems in Europe and the USA. The company was founded by stylist Sergey Vorontsov, the author of a unique technology. Vorontsov systems differ from wigs first of all by the basis of the overlay, which is the thinnest, almost weightless hypoallergenic mesh. The system literally is not felt on the head, but the hair looks great at the same time.

SV Atelier specialists make hair replacement systems from natural materials of elite quality. All work is carried out strictly manually, so that the replacement system (replacing) fully imitates the natural hair. Natural certified materials are used in the manufacturing process, which excludes the possibility of negative reactions from the body. As a result, the full impression of your own, living hair with natural shine is created.

What you can order from SV Atelier

SV Atelier manufactures hair replacement systems that can be worn (w/t wearing off) for months. Correction is required every six months.

Upon request, customers can order:

  • a two-layer Durable system based on natural Japanese silk in which you can bathe, run, visit the sauna, dive and swim;

  • full tambour hair replacement system for an active lifestyle;

  • system wig;

  • a 2 line system with 3-4 different hair structures;

  • SLIM system on perforated mesh with high wear resistance.

The best option is to order a replacement system in advance, before undergoing chemotherapy, so that the specialist can see the hair before the onset of alopecia. Early application allows specialists to produce a system that mimics natural hair as much as possible.

Manufacturing Features

Partial or full covers are made by the staff of SV Atelier individually for each client, taking into account the size and shape of the head, personal wishes and preferences.

Specialists also take into account:

  • direction of hair growth;

  • the density and distribution of the hairs;

  • structure;

  • hair color and preferred haircuts;

  • Lifestyle and habits;

  • Preferred type of fixation.

It is enough to follow the simple rules of care of the hair replacement system to look beautiful in any situation.

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