Dreaming to boost your English level and meet new friends? Spend your vacation in Malta!

Many professionals involved in language travel industry consider Malta as an ideal place to learn English. In a few words below you will understand why it is so.

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Have you heard about a possibility to study the English language at international language schools in English speaking countries? Well, of course you have.

Then you probably should be advised that many professionals involved in language travel industry consider Malta as an ideal place to learn English. In a few words below you will understand why it is so and how to make your next vacation one of the best.

British standards

Malta used to be a British colony for 150 years. Due to that fact, it has English as a state language along with Maltese. British education system in Malta with part of the school subject taught in English guarantees that 100 % of the population are native-speakers of English.

The top language schools like IELS Malta recruit English teachers with worldwide known British teaching qualifications. So taking a course at one of the top language schools in Malta you can be sure that it is delivered in accordance with British quality standards.

Mediterranean style

Malta’s location, mild Mediterranean climate, friendly Maltese people and their lifestyle make your time spent here unforgettable. There are a lot of possibilities to practice English not only in class, but in different everyday situations in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.

You practise the language with people from all parts of the world. You meet people and speak to them not only in class but during various activities arranged by the school for each student age group.

Unbeatable prices

Highest teaching standards guaranteed by the top language schools in Malta and perfect European location in the center of the Mediterranean within just 90 kilometers from Italy would not be so interesting, if Malta could not offer English courses and accommodation at very reasonable, competitive prices.

Some schools like IELS introduce special offers distributed through regional representatives. This sort of hot offer makes English courses in Malta unbeatable compared to other English-speaking countries. See IELS Malta school hot offers and make a direct booking here: http://iels-malta.ru/English-courses-in-Malta.shtml

IELS Malta

  • One of the top Maltese language schools
  • 35 years of English teaching experience celebrated in 2020
  • The largest English school in Malta
  • 99 % of students satisfied with their study results
  • Adults and young learners of 54 nationalities from all over the world
  • Exclusive quotations & Special offers
  • Direct booking and payment to IELS Malta

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